How do you learn French easily?

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Ok this sounds odd, but my french teacher said if you want to learn french, WATCH FRENCH TV, it will help with studying, also study french, but you can learn how to SPEAK well by watching the tv, good luck!
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How do you learn French?

You learn French by finding the learning tool that works best for you . You may or may not need a teacher, depending upon the strength of your motivation and the quality of your learning tool. Some learners need concentrated study of dictionaries, grammars, and vocabulary lists. Such learners tend t ( Full Answer )

How to learn French?

The best, fastest, most effective, easiest, and most fun way to learn any language is to immerse yourself. Go to an immersion camp, study abroad, or live in a country that speaks the language. You'd be surprised at how quickly you learn if you focus on your goal and soak up the culture and language ( Full Answer )

How do you learn things easily in school?

I learn things easily in school by many things .. First .. When the teacher teach as I have to try to dont do anythings only I have to listen to the teacher . Second .. if there is any important points I have to link these point on the book . . Third .. if there any daiyalogs .. I keep l ( Full Answer )

How can you learn the tough Russian grammar most easily?

Russian is one of the more difficult languages for native English speakers to master, mainly because of the changing of the endings of almost all words. On the bright side, there is a pattern to the complex endings and Russian is, in general, said how it is written. To master the language, you MUST ( Full Answer )

Is there any way of easily learning the Russian verb cases?

Absolutely not. There are many exceptions for each and every case, particularly genitive forms. Russian is one of the hardest languages in the world. Of course there is no "easy" way to learn the verb cases. Memorize memorize memorize.

How do you learn Spanish easily?

The easiest way to learn Spanish if to live with an all Spanish-speaking family, in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood for at least a month. I believe you'll learn at least the basics. Go onto Google and click language tools then at the top type in the language's then click and search.then when you c ( Full Answer )

How can you learn to do splits easily?

All that you have to do is practice everyday. Push yourself and hold it there until you relax your legs, because then you know that your muscles have been stretched that far so that when you go farther, you will not hurt yourself. Good luck!

How do you learn vibrato easily on the violin?

Learn Vibrato Easily... these are words that just don't go together. Vibrato is an advanced technique and it can take years to master. You can start with various exercises of the left wrist, moving it back and forth slowly in the way it would with vibrato. It is best to start with pizzicato p ( Full Answer )

How do you learn a language easily?

You don't, learning a language is not "easy" no matter what you do. If you study every day it will be "easier" though. But using Rosetta stone products is the best way to learn language. It is a fun and a effective way to learn any language.

How do you learn the french language fast?

There are a number of fast courses you can take. In addition to those, on order to learn the language faster, it's a good idea to:. read books (that you already know in English) . watch French films -- in the original language, and, after a while, without subs as well . listen to the radio in F ( Full Answer )

Is there a program or site that you can learn a different language like French and Spanish easily so that you can talk in that language like you were born and raised there?

No. You will never acquire a language to native-level proficiency easily, if indeed you could EVER be mistaken for a native. You can achieve extremely high levels of proficiency over many years - don't bother about trying to speak EXACTLY as a native, it's plenty enough to be a functioning adult in ( Full Answer )

Do French pupils learn English as you learn French?

In the French province of Québec in Canada, English is taught from a very young age in school. I graduated from HS in 2004 and I was taught English starting in the 3rd grade.. I'm not sure how it works in France.

How do you learn easily to do a back handspring?

Once u get spotted on it the first time that you do it it become more easer then the first time that u do it because when you pratice it then the do come easy to you.

How can you learn easily about regedit?

There are a number of tutorials on the web teaching about the registry. It is suggested that only advanced users edit the registry. Included are a few links below to get you started.. To open the registry go to Start -> run -> "regedit".. Quote ( Like Windows explorer, to expand a ce ( Full Answer )

How can you learn algebra easily?

I know this may seem cliche, but practice. Trust me, I practice a lot, and it helps. I got a perfect score on my Algebra exam in seventh grade because I practiced.

Why does French have to be learned?

No one has to learn French unless it's a prerequisite or requirement . For example, it may be a required subject in school or at college. It may be the only language that's offered at an educational institution that has a foreign language requirement for certification or graduation. Or it may be ( Full Answer )

What is 'I am learning French' in French?

J'apprends le francais is a French equivalent of 'I am learning French'. In the word by word translation, the subject pronoun 'je' * means 'I'. The verb 'apprends' means '[I] am learning, do learn, learn'. The masculine definite article 'le' means 'the'. The masculine adjective/noun 'francais ( Full Answer )

What is 'You're learning French' in French?

"Vous apprenez le français" or "Tu apprends le français". About the difference between "vous" and "tu" : "je" -> "I" "tu" -> "you" "il" -> "he" "elle" -> "she" "nous" -> "we" "vous" -> "you" "ils" -> "they"

How can you learn Chinese easily?

Your best bet is to either get a computer software that teaches it to you (eg. Rosetta Stone), or a very experienced mentor.

Where to learn French?

u can download podcasts on iTunes completely free of charge!! Something that helps a lot is watching movies you know by heart, preferably movies with a lot of dialogue, dubbed in French. Since you know the movie so well, it is easy to understand the language. Children movies, such as Shrek, ( Full Answer )

How can you learn English phrasal verbs easily?

you can learn English phrasal verbs easily by turning them into your common life daily, for example if we take those verbs in phrasal wake up stand up walk through take brush up dress up leave to go to drive Here we go : I wake up every day and stand up by walking through the ( Full Answer )

How can you learn formulas easily?

The fact is that most formulas are derived from one complicated formula. If you can memorize the one big formula, you should be good for that subject (I am assuming your are speaking of mathematics). Otherwise, try to make sense of what the formula consists of and try to understand why each variable ( Full Answer )

Where can you learn keyboard easily by yourself and for free?

Unless you have natural ability of the Ray Charles caliber, there is no such thing as learning the keyboard/piano easily. And, even if you did have superhuman talent, it would still be endless hours of work to refine that talent to a place where you would be satisfied. It is not unusual for non-p ( Full Answer )

How do you learn the first 20 elements easily?

Chorus - hello hello listen , b b c elements - hydrogen helium lithiumb berrylium boron carbon chorus - news on Friday nights some ministers are elements - nitrogen oxygen flurine neon sodium magnesium aluminum chorus - selling pito so contract Arab pito elements - silicon phosphoro ( Full Answer )

How do you learn a poem by heart easily?

For this question I have provided two methods. METHOD 1: Read the first line of the poem twice, and try as hard as you can to remember it. Then, close your eyes and try an recite that line. Say it five times without looking, or until you can remember that line flawlessly. Next, read the seco ( Full Answer )

Why should you not learn French?

Learning a foreign language is a fantastic thing to do in my book. Also, even though it's not used to communicate anymore, Latin is a language that will help learn any foreign language. Hope I helped.

I learned french in high school?

J'ai appris le français au collège (junior high school), au lycée (senior high school). French speakers would just say "j'ai appris le français à l'école"

Is French fun to learn?

French is fun for some to learn and not fun for others. Some people love it and others hate it. It depends on who teaches you and what methods of learning you use. If you don't like writing a lot of stuff by hand and that's the way you're trying to learn French, then you might not find it so fun. B ( Full Answer )

Learn french by podcast pdf?

a good starting point for French podcasts may be the radio-france website. They have a host of radios (musical, information, talk) with anchors speaking a clear French, devoid of any accent.

Do french children learn RE?

Religious Education is not taught in public schools and isn't mandatory in private schools. In fact most pupils get their religious education outside school in courses run by volunteers.

How you can learn spanish easily?

I don't know if there is really an easy way to learn a language, but the most quick way to do it is living in a Spanish speaking country for some time.

How can we learn grammar easily?

You cannot learn grammar easily. It takes commitment and effort, but the more you work at it, the easier it will become.

How can you learn guitar easily?

Well...first you can either take lessons at a guitar session and if that doesn't work out there is this thing on that can also teach you. There are several websites where you can learn to play guitar but I recommend Youtube has a lot of different things to look up such as:le ( Full Answer )

How do you learn English grammar easily and fluently and shortly?

1. by understanding the structure of the English language. 2 .by understanding the rules for the English language structure. 3.use flash cards to check & quiz to learn in short duration. You cannot learn Grammar fluently-you can only speak a language fluently. Unless you begin in infancy, ( Full Answer )

What secret language can kids learn easily?

Sign language, Eggy when you take all the letters before the first vowel and put them to the end and then add ay so plaese pass the butter becomes easeplay asspay ethay utterbay

How to learn big answer easily?

be serious when you are learning. make a time table.learn it point wise and revise it 3-4 times it will help you

How do you learn lines in a play easily?

Take it one step at a time. Leave yourself plenty of time to rehearse and practice every day. It helps to practice before you go to bed, because scientists have proven this helps solidify the memory. Good luck!

How do you easily learn c and c plus plus programming?

Well you can develop your logical skills by solving some puzzles like sudoku or other mathematical puzzles. By developing logical skills you can develop your mind to apply logics in programming.

How To Learn CAD drafting technique easily?

Are you willing to learn the special CAD drafting techniques? There are several options being available in the market that help you to learn this computer aided drafting without any difficulty. You can check out the options that have been enlisted below: 1. It would be best if you enroll yoursel ( Full Answer )

How do you learn long answers easily and fastly?

To learn first? It's not a great deal if you want to remember anything just you have to concentrate at you r subject you want to learn First thing you must understand what you r studying don't just go on reading[ratta] Then with calm mind just see the answer in a silent place try to understand what' ( Full Answer )


The best place to learn .NET is not online but actually in a classroom, this is especially true for beginners. There are a few sites that will offer courses, but they are not as in depth as a classroom.

How can one easily learn to make an email address?

It is very easy to learn how to make an email address.For instance if you would a Hotmail account, navigate to Hotmail online, then opt sign up. You will then be shown step by step where to enter your details. Hotmail (or whichever provider) will let you know if your choosen address has been taken ( Full Answer )

How can one easily learn the piano?

It is not easy to learn any musical instrument. It requires considerable practice and dedication. The best way is to find a good piano teacher and have regular lessons and regular practice hours each day.

How can you learn Visual BASIC easily?

There is no easy way as such. You can use websites to learn it. Agood way is to buy a book and go through it carefully. While theyare good, it is not easy to resolve problems when you encounterthem. So the best way is to get someone to show you how. The bestway of doing that is to go on a course and ( Full Answer )

How do you learn calculus more easily?

Get a good teacher who understands calculus and understands how toteach students in an interesting way (just like I had 50 yearsago).