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AnswerWe write our names in Chinese characters, in some cases, however, pinyin (the bridge between Chinese characters and the English alphabet) is also required.Yes that is true but when writing in Chinese you have to have thin writing, because if its thick it will look like a mess
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How to write a letter to china?

Learn Chinese

How do you write book in Chinese?

You would first need to learn how to write Chinese. Then, Chinese usually write there letters from top to bottom, compaired to the American standard, left to right.

Can you write in Chinese?

Not everybody can. Only those who learn are able to.

Your name is cherry how to write this name in Chinese in same phonetic sound with out translation?

You can write this name in Chinese as 切瑞 [qiē ruì].

How do you write the name Michael in Chinese?


Where can you go online to write your name in Chinese?

Google and type in Chinese letters

How do you write Samantha in Chinese?

The name Samantha in Chinese is 萨曼莎.

Do the Chinese write their first name before their last name?

No. Chinese wrote their family's name first. Then comes their real name.

How do you learn Chinese maths?

your learn Chinese math when you learn to spell Chinese math

How did china people learn to spek Chinese?

It's like every country. People learn their mother tone without 'learning'. When Chinese kids are little, they learnt fomr their parents and other people's talking. But when they need to go to school, they learn how to write characters, how to write articles.

How do you write my name in Chinese?

Well to write your name in chinse you need to go google and look it up.

How do you write mother in Chinese characters?

I need to put this on a name card in the Chinese symbol

How do you write Confucius's name in Chinese?

Confucious in Chinese is 孔子(kǒng zǐ)

What is bakpao in Chinese?

It used be a part of Chinese food name, write is "宫保".

Write your Chinese name here and where you are from?


How do you write the name Jade in Chinese?


How do you write my name Tarun in Chinese?

Tǎ lún

How do you write the name Madison in Chinese letters?


How do you write the name cliff in Chinese?


what is considered the best website to learn chinese online without paying any fees?

Chinese Learner is a great, highly reputable website where you can learn to speak, read, write, and do other activities in Chinese. Just go to

How do you write 'learn to speak English' in Chinese?

'Learn to speak English' can written as 学习讲英语.

Did marcopolo learn to speak Chinese?

Yes, he did learn Chinese.

How do you write name in Chinese characters?

MingZi 名字

How do you write the name Holly in Chinese?

Holly = 花莉

How do write the name Jamie in Chinese?

Jamie = 杰米