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You need to look for the cause of the discoloration under your eyes, for it is merely a symptom which will reappear in another way if you conceal or ignore it. The main problem is something that we all know about: lack of sleep. It is the primary cause for dark discoloration under the eyes. Some people require more sleep than others, and that is also affected by diet. See what works best for you, and don't compromise your sleep.

Following that, stress will wear a person down and place enough stress on the immune system that the body begins to exhibit symptoms such as this. It can be seen alongside the inability to think clearly, and even palpitations. If you are in a job that is too much for you, it is time to look in another direction. If you love it anyway, look online for some resources about meditation. Try yoga if that works for you. Each person is different, and you should harness that.

Get some sunlight. Sunlight, or Vitamin D, is not the killer that the establishment would have you believe. It is not out to get you, but that does not mean that you need to lay out in it all day long in 100 degree heat, either. Too much can be more dangerous than too little. When you go out in the sun, do not wear sunscreen. Sunscreen contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and oxybenzone which are all known to be incredibly damaging to the body. Be proud of your body, and believe in it. Get outside for at least 30 minutes each day before 12 or after 3.

Lastly, a huge factor can be troublesome Allergies. Allergies are very common in the United States, and they are best treated with a good diet accompanied with an intake of some all-natural plain yogurt. Yogurt will help to restore the natural rythm in your intestinal tract. Allergies are usually only present alongside an overgrowth of candida, which is a type of yeast that lives in the intestines. It is fueled by sugar-based products, refined (white) carbohydrates, and various food additives. Additonally, if allergies are the problem, then using high quality anti-allergen air filters would be prudent.

Some people do not have the problems outlined above. These are other common problems which can cause shadows under the eyes:

- Dehydration. Drink when you are thirsty, and do not put it off; especially when you are out in the sun.

- Rubbing the eyes, in some people who are more sensitive. Stop rubbing, and the problem will go away if this is the cause.

-Another answerThe reason why the area looks darker is generally because of the decreased thickness of the skin. The skin in that area gets thinners and allow to reveal the color of veins and tissues below. In rare cases the reason of the color is a deterioration of the pigment of the skin.

The main factor is to find out the reason for it and possibly the best way is to first of all balance your health and diet as well as your sleep. Try first of all to have a diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water, spend at least 20 minutes each day outdoors, when you are indoor try to get as much natural sunlight as possible instead of artificial lights, sleep at least 8 hours a day and no more than 9 hours a day, try to have a 10 or 20 minutes nap in the middle of the day (never longer than 30 minutes), exercise regularly never arriving to exhaustion and always allow a period of 24 hours recovery with no exercising after each exercise session, reduce animal products and have plants home to oxygenate the environment.

After 6 weeks you will notice a better health and improved energy. You may also notice less darkening under the eyes. If the darkening is still there, go to a doctor and ask for a full test in hormones including adrenals (cortisol).

In the meaning time, use nutritive creams for the eyes and avoid any cream with retinol-A or indicated for peeling. A trick for makeup is to use a soft orange tone (can be from a base or lipstick) under the make up base or powder, the orange color neutralizes the blue of the darkened area.

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Q: How do you lighten dark coloration under your eyes?
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Dark veins under my eyes how do you lighten them up?

To lighten the dark veins under eyes put potatoe and cocumber slices on your eyes,leave them on for about 20 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

Why do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes can indicate either allergies or lack of sleep, some people get dark circles under their eyes as they age due to the skin under the eyes becoming thinner as you age.

How do you get ride of dark circles under your eyes if you've been getting more and more sleep but they wont go away?

Try and put teabags underneath your eyes so that the natural juices will lighten the bags.

What foods should you eat to help get rid of dark circles under eyes?

what causes dark circles under eyes?

What fruit or vegetable helps to lighten dark circles under eyes?

Try to apply cucumber. Apply cucumber slices or cucumber water on the skin around your eyes for about 15 minutes to make them look clear and refreshed. A cold compress of rosemary tea can help boost circulation and reduce swelling under your eyes. Acupressure and breathing exercises can also help get rid of the dark rings.

Anyway to lighten eyes without honey or eyedrops?

You can lighten eyes by using temporary, colored contacts.

What is dark skin under the eyes?

It is blood under the skin

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles can show up under your eyes quickly due to a lack of REM sleep or sleep period. The lack of sleep causes the blood vessels under your eyes to burst which cause te darkness under your eyes.

What is the coloration of a whale shark?

the coloration of a whale shark is purple because of it's eyes

How do you get rid of purple bags under your eyes?

Coloration under your eyes can be a symptom of Vitamin C deficiency. Eat more food rich in Vitamin C, or take Vitamin C supplements.

Dark circles under infants eyes?

The main cause of dark circles under an infants eyes is fatigue. It could also be just because the skin under their eyes is more transparent than the rest of the skin on their face.

Why do some people put honey in their eyes?

to lighten your eyes

How do you get rid of dark spots under your eyes?

Usually, people get dark spots under there eyes becausethey don't get enough sleep. To get rid of them, sleep earlier so your eyes can rest and they will eventually be gone.

Why do you get dark circles under the eyes?

You sometimes have dark circles under you r eyes because it's either your not getting enough sleep or your not sleeping very well.

Do honey eye drops lighten eye color?

Yes. They lighten your eyes but sting.

What does the brain teaser iii over OOO mean?

circles under the eyes

How do you lighten your eyes?

You can lighten your eyes using contacts or make-up contouring. You can also wear certain colors to enhance your eye color.

What are dark circles under eyes from?

the dark circles under your eyes are from not enough sleep and/or veins very close up to the top layer of your skin than the rest of your veins.

What does Bella Cullen look like?

long dark hair,red eyes,pale as a sheet,dark circles under eyes

Are cucumbers good for your eyes?

sure is! cools and good for dark circles under the eyes ....

Which fruits and vegetables are good for dark circle under your eyes?

fruits and vegetables that are good for under eye dark circles

What is the medical term meaning dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are sometimes called allergic shiners when they're seen with other signs consistent with atopy.

What is the cause of bags under eyes?

Bags, or a dark tint, under the eyes is caused by natural aging. As one ages, the muscle and tissue under the eyes weakens, and causes a discoloration.

Why do east Indians have dark circles under eyes?


How do you remove dark circle under eyes?

Correction Fluid

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