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There is no to need to link the account if you are the admin of your page then your profile account is directly linked to the Facebook Fan Page


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Michael never had a personal account, only a fan page.

Not a personal account but he has a public page that he writes on regularly. See the related link below.

bam margera does not have a personal facebook account but he has a facebook page

Yes, Justin Timberlake does have a Facebook account. He does not have his own personal page but he does have a fanpage that you can like.

Connie has a group facebook account administered by her forum but she does not have a personal facebook account. Personal accounts on facebook presenting as Connie Talbot are fake. Connie has a web site, forum, official Myspace page, official Tangle page, and can be followed on Twitter @ ConnieTalbot607.

To get a Facebook, sign up/register an account using an email and password. There is a link to the home page below.

A Fan Page is one of Facebook features which allow facebook users to create a page for a community, business, for a cause and for a person. It is also a customizable page, unlike the facebook group and profile page.

Mark Calaway (the Undertaker) does not have a personal Facebook account. However, there is a fan page for the Undertaker on facebook for fans to communicate with one another.

You can do this if your fan page has 2 or more admins. But if you own a page solely you can delete your facebook account together with the fan page. So, make sure to have another admin before deleting your personal facebook account.

You can upload photos to your fan page the same way with uploading photos to your personal facebook account.

Not possible as the langauge setting is linked to your personal Facebook account language setting. Having a different langage on a Facebook Page is not possible.

Her facebook page is ryrynewman and she does NOT have a personal facebook account. All the others are POSERS! Ryan also has a VERIFIED twitter account at ryrynewman

No. You can not create a fan page unless you signed up for a personal account in facebook. Your personal account will be the admin of the page for your business. If you don't want to sign up in facebook but need to have a fan page I suggest you hire a social media marketer to manage all the stuff in your social media campaign.

You can delete your account, but make sure to assign another admin to your fan page before deleting your personal facebook profile to keep your fan page. Hope this helps.

On facebook: you go to settings, and then when that page opens, there's a link that says DEACTIVATE my ACCOUNT. Click on it, and BOOM! On Myspace: you go to my account, Account link, and then there's another link that says Account Cancellation : Cancel my Account.

Anna Graceman has a fan page on Facebook the link to which can be found in related links.

Taylor Swift's official Facebook page is listed on her official website. Beyond that, whether she has a personal Facebook account is unknown - there is no verifiable information on this.

ya but obviously not a personal one the one you can access is more like her Facebook page for fans

She does not officially list a Facebook account, but she does have an officially listed Facebook fan page. Check out the related link below. She also has a Myspace page. She is the one from Nashville. See the related link for it below.

A Facebook account is free for everyone! Simply create an account on the main page and you'll be able to create your own profile and link up with your friends!

Greyson doesn't have a personal facebook account, but his fan page is Greyson Chance.

Fahrenheit doesn't have personal Facebooks but Arron Yan has an official page.

A Facebook account is registered for an individual. A Facebook page is set up for a business/brand.

Your account is not liked, it is your fan page which gets liked by the Facebook user. Your personal profile can only be subscribed by people, there is no option of liking the profile.

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