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How do you load and unload a chairlift safely?

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To load onto a chairlift safely first you must have confidence.

If you are nervous you are bound to do something stupid, usually by

accident. If you are really unsure ask the lifty to either help you

put down the bar, or slow down the chair. Usually if you let them

know they will help out. Stand towards the hill and twist around

with your arm out to where the chair will come. When it comes hold

onto the back with your arm and sit. The chair will sweep under you

and away you go. If the lifty did not lower the bar for you, do so

as soon as possible.

To get off, raise the bar no farther than 10 metres away from

the end station. Lift the tips of your skis or snowboard and raise

your poles if you have them. Wait until your feet are firmly on the

snow and then stand up. Use your poles or push against the chair to

get off. Try to go straight and keep your skis parallel.

This is exactly how you are supposed to do it but by far the

best way is to go to the local ski school and get a lesson. They

will be able to help you better than anyone else and they will

usually keep you from getting nervous, therefore avoiding doing

something stupid. They have taken an expensive and extremely

professional course and then taken an exam and passed it and if

they didn't they need to retake part of the course and re-do the

exam until they pass. They are extremely good and professional and

very much people persons. It is by far the best way to go.

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