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professional license bureau of your state.........................

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Q: How do you locate a bailbondsman that bailed you out in 1992?
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Can you leave the state before your court date for DUI in Indiana?

yes your still considered innocent. unless you were bailed out then you would have to get with your bailbondsman but i wouldn't they would tell you no you cant leave.

What happens if you use a bail bonds man and the person you bailed out jumps bail?

The bailbondsman is going to send a skiptracer/bounty hunter after him and return by whatever means. Believe me, the bailbondsman does not intend to lose his bail money to che court without a strong effort to get hm back. As for you - if you paid the bondsman's customary fee - you can kiss it goodbye - you won't get it back.

What happens if you got bailed out put half down and do not pay the rest?

If you are referring to your payment to your bailbondsman - if he isn't paid for his services, he may tell the court that he is withdrawing your bailbond and, in the absence of a bond ensuring your appearance, the court will jail you awaiting trial.

How do find out who bailed out someone out of jail?

The fact that someone IS bailed out is a public record. The information as to who bailed them out usually is NOT.

What day do you get your money back after you just bailed your friend out of jail?

It may depend on whether you personally posted his bail or did you hire a bailbondsman? Either way - it should be returned within a 'reasonable' length of time after the judgment in his case. Your money will be posted with court as long as he is 'free.'

Who does the bailbondsman owe money if a person jumps bail?

The bailbondsman has to pay the money to the court. And they will do everything they can to find the individual and get their money back.

Can you leave the state of NC and go to SC when on bail?

You would have to check the wording of the restirctions on your bail papers to see if you have any travel restrictions. If you don't you could go, but if you were bailed out by a bailbondsman, if I were you I'd be sure to tell him you were going, or else he might think you're trying to skip on him and come after you.

Who bailed Chris Brown out of jail?

Chris bailed himself out of jailllll!!!!!

Who bailed out Triple H?

Stephanie McMahon bailed out triple h

Was Rosa Parks bailed out of jail?

Yes, she was bailed out of jail. She was bailed out by Edgar Nixon, President of the Montgomery NAACP, and Clifford Durr, her friend.

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Who bailed Rosa Parks out of jail?

She was bailed out by Edgar Nixon and Clifford and Virginia Durr.

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Do you have to pay full amount of bail if the person skips?

This depends on how you posted bailA bail Bondsman wants 100% of the bail plus his service fees.If the bailed person skips you can bet he wants extra and can collect or seize the property you put up.Added: Yes. you (or a bailbondsman) forfeit the full amount of the bond. Why do you think that there are skip treacers and bounty-hunters?

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Did Rosa parks get bailed out?

Rosa parks was bailed out of jail once by her husband Raymond parks in December 1,1955 it was on the same date she was arrested.

How many times has India bailed out?

INDIA HAS NEVER BAILED out once. but India did have a federal bail out in 2008. India has never had an international bail out.

When did Rosa parks get bailed out of jail?

Rosa parks was arrested in the Montgomery Bus incident on December 1, 1955, and was bailed out the next evening.