How do you locate a fuel injector in a vauxhall vectra?

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Should you need any help or advice in locating the Vauxhall Vectra fuel injection pumps you require then you can contact one of our Staff on 0905 235 6000 (8am to 9pm Mon-Fri, 9am to 7pm Sat-Sun Calls cost £1 per min. Network extras apply)
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2003 Vauxhall Vectra 2.2dti?

Just did the job on 2003 dti sri It is entirely different job than vectra b model, get under front bumper remove fog light take rubber cap off twist and pull light out ,reverse to put in, or you can undo bolt just to the left above fog light, when it is removed, undo the two top bolts holding uni ( Full Answer )

Where is the thermostat located on a Vauxhall vectra?

You really need to specify year and engine type,however,most vectra thermostats are in an aluminum housing on the top/front of the cylinder head,right hand side near the exhaust manifold.If this is no help,post again with details.

Where is the blower resistor located in a vauxhall vectra 2002?

Answer . \nThe series resistor is located in the fan housing on the bulkhead.For access,you need to remove the "clean-air"(pollen) filter and housing,then you can see the fan housing.Undo the bolts holding the lid on and remove it.The fan motor can be lifted out,easing and disconnecting the wiri ( Full Answer )

Where do you locate air idle control valve on 2000 vauxhall vectra?

Hi, the idle control valve is located at the back of the engine on the left side of the carb, you will have to remove the air intale ducting to get at it. It is approx 7" long with a connector plug on the end facing frontwards. The ducting is secured to the carb by a jubilee clip, you only have to r ( Full Answer )

Where is Fuel injector location on a civic dx?

Answer . it depends on what kind of fuel injection you have, if it's throttle body, it'll be inside of that,(looks a bit like a carb), or it will be on a rail with 3 other injectors if it's a 4 cyl. There will be an aluminum rail with 4 injectors on them with wires going to each one, this set up ( Full Answer )

How do you replace an alternator or vauxhall vectra?

You will need to remove the alternator belt. Remove the wiringharness from the back of the alternator. Remove the alternatorretaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your newalternator.

Are there problems with Vauxhall Vectra handbrakes?

help us vectra owners out please havent got to the bottom of it yet but my vectra rolled off after being parked for about half an hr. after which i came out to find it at ther bottom of the hill with £|1500 of damage any one help me out . Hi, I have an 05 Irish reg vectra and about a year ag ( Full Answer )

Vauxhall Vectra boot not opening?

Answer . Lock stuck or cable broken. You will need to get into the boot space throught the back seat and remove as much trim as needed until you can see the lock then open it from there manually.

Where are the fuel injectors located?

If your vehicle has a throttle body injection system ( TBI ) the injector(s) is in the throttle body wich looks similar to a carburator. If your vehicle has a multi port fuel injection system there is one injector for each cylinder located on the head or in the intake manifold generally connected by ( Full Answer )

Where is a fuel injector located?

Answer . A fuel injector is located in the head of the engine. It is threaded into the combustion chamber with the nozzle inside. Its job is to spray a fine fuel mist into the combustion chamber at the right time so it can be combined with the charge of air that has come in through the intake val ( Full Answer )

Where are the fuel injector relays located in an 850?

Hi There is a black plastic cover with four torx screws under the bonnet & close to the windscreen (it also forms the fuse cover) The fuel pump relay (also known as fuel injector relay) is the pink/red one and once you pull it out you can see written on it "fuel pump controller" or words to that eff ( Full Answer )

Where is Vauxhall vectra oil filter?

The Oil Filter Top Is a "Big Nut Type Cap" On The Right Hand-Bottom Side Of The Engine.... It Looks Like A Really Big Nut..... Which Usually Is Black.. It Is Not Metal But Its Plastic. The Bottom Part Is Metal.... Be Careful While Closing The Top Agen.... Dont Tighten It Too Much Or Else U Wont Mana ( Full Answer )

How do adjust the handbrake on your vauxhal vectra?

lift the handbrake boot thing up from around your hand brake lever there is a 10mm nut tighten it up not too much other wise ur back wheels wont turn or will lock up you may need a 10mm long socket not a short-normal 1

Where is the fuel injector located on a Kia Sedona?

The Kia Sedona is standard configuration gasoline engine. The fuelinjectors are located at the top of the engine area and provisionedinto the intake manifold/cylinder head assemblies.

Where is the blower motor located in a vauxhall vectra 1998?

I have a V reg Vectra SRI 2.5 and the blower motor is situated behind the cabin air intake filter. Remove the top rear engine rubber that fits across the rear bulkhead. There is a flap between the wiper blade shafts which lifts up, remove filter and blower motor should be revealed. To gain access ( Full Answer )

Ecm location on Vauxhall vectra?

Hi The location for ecm is by the side of throttle body on inlet manifold. If any problems finding that,I can send you the pictures

What does P0202 Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit Open mean on vauxhall vectra b?

P0202 relates to the fuel injector on cylinder No2. The code SUGGESTS that the injector has no electrical power to it. These work on a constant 12V feed and the ground is supplied by the ECU by a predetermined map. i.e. open circuit = no complete electrical circuit. The most effective way of checkin ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuel filter on your Vauxhall vectra?

the fuel filter is across the engine... its in the middle in a casing which u need to unscrew.. inside u wil see the fuel filter.. easy to replace once seen. once u start the engine u wil have a couple of starting issues.. but this is normal. A S Autos (0161 223223) Serivce (£49) Mot FREE

Where are the fuel injectors located on a 1995 blazer?

Need to remove the air filter top and look down in the top of the TBI. It looks like a carburetor but it is not. It is called a throttle body injection. You will see 2 injectors that spray fuel in the engine Start it up and look UNDER STAND.

Where the fuel injector located?

If you have a MPFI (multi port fuel injection) the injectors are either on the intake manifold or the cylinder head in either case they are usually close to where the intake manifold and cylinder head meet.There will be a fuel line feeding all injectors and a electrical plug to each one.Since I don' ( Full Answer )

How do Iget access to the fuel sensor vauxhall vectra 1.8 hatchback x reg?

i think it is under the rear seats. all you have to do is lift up the part you sit on (with the handle provided tucked in the join of the backrest and the bit you sit on). when you lift the seats you will find a flap in the carpet, under that flap there is a black round stopper which should twist op ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuel injector located?

The fuel injector would be located on the fuel rail up under the intake manifold towards the side of the engine.

Where are the fuel injectors located on a 1999 Camaro?

if you knew what they looked like you could find them i'm sure. google a pic of them first then print it off. in any case they would be located in the area of the top of the engine around the heads and/or intake manifold.

Were is the fuel pump located on a 98 vectra estate?

The fuel pump is in the gas tank. You reach the fuel pump through the hole in the top. No, there is no access panel in the floor of the auto. Yes, there should be. Yes, you must remove the tank to get to the plate the holds the pum. Make sure you replace the filter also. The warranty is void i ( Full Answer )

Changing fuel filter on vauxhall vectra?

The fuel filter is located in the gas tank. Remove the fuel line.Next, remove the fuel filter retaining plate. Last, remove the fuelfilter and replace with a new fuel filter.

Vauxhall vectra 2.0 dti fuel filter change. Does it need bleeding?

i never had to but fill up the housing with diesel when trying to start the car it will turn over for a while i put my foot flat on throttle and turned it over for 15 seconds then stopped then for 15 seconds so on eventually it started then i held the revs at 3000 rpm for about 1 Minuit to pull the ( Full Answer )

How do you get door panel of Vauxhall vectra?

Normally its several screws on bottom panel and in the handles and surclip on the window winder handle if they have them. Then the whole panel should pull of and lift up over door opener

How useful is a Vauxhall vectra?

The Vauxhall Vectra is a British institution, and one of the most common sights on our roads.But as a popular choice for fleets, many owners drive a Vectra out of obligation not one for a week, all over the UK, and decide if the venerable Vauxhall provides a good deal and stacks up agai ( Full Answer )

Where can a Vauxhall Vectra VRX be bought?

One can purchase a Vauxhall Vectra VRX from a number of used car websites including Autotrade, eBay and Gumtree. One may find that this model of car is quite rare now, as it is no longer manufactured, so a regular check of these websites should see one listed eventually.