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Dial 303-739-4121 ask for Bruce he is a old Telsta emp now with Altec

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Q: How do you locate telsta aerial lift parts?
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How do you locate telsta aerial lift wiring diagrams?

find another telsta boom and write down the #s on the wires that coinsidewith each control and its a ground system all switches are connected Call Bruce at Altec and ask him. Also wiring numbers on one model are the same as on another model, in other words, 56 is ground and 42 is neutral.

When was Aerial Lift Bridge created?

Aerial Lift Bridge was created in 1905.

Who makes the Telsta bucket lift as you can't find Telsta while doing a search?

Hey, I am trying to find an electrical manual,and hydrolics manual for this A28 telsa bucket truck.The information i have says,TELSTA,IS A DIVISION OF APPARATUS DIVISION. Try this maybe this can help you!

Who makes the telsta bucket lift?

Untill aprox 1999 it was Mobile Tool Int aka Telsta they filed Bk and was bought for pennies on the dollar by Altec inc William...

What is the most common thing that an aerial lift is used for?

There are actually two types of aerial lifts. An articulated aerial lift is commonly used in either the consutruction, cable and wire, or telecommunications industries. The scissor lift is used for the purpose of stacking platforms.

How long does it take the aerial lift bridge to lift?

It takes 1 and a half minutes to lift.

Who invented the bucket truck?

I do know this it was known in the beginning as a cherry picker than a man lift than a bucket truck for the bucket shaped man holder at the boom tip next in the early 1950's Telsta designed a T40 with wooden forks to hold the bucket in place it was the first aerial lift of it's kind

How often does an aerial lift in Vermont require a safety inspection?

An aerial lift in Vermont require a safety inspection every year. Read more at

Where do you find schamaics for telsta model a28c?

I have the original schematics for a Telsta A-28C Bucket lift built and installed on a F-600 truck in 1987. I plan to scan it to a pdf file. i would be happy to send it on. I am looking for a user's Manual for it. Does anyone have one? Email me at

What are the advantages of aerial lift over mechanical lift?

Ariel lift is considered a mechanical device. It is used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas.

Is an aerial lift commonly available from an equipment rental firm?

Aerial lifts are pretty common for rental. They are available are most equipment rental firms.

What do you call two parts of lift that goes down a mine?

What do these two parts of the lift do

What do you call the two parts of the lift goes down the mine?

What do these two parts of the lift do

What do you call the two parts of a lift that goes down a mine?

What do these two parts of the lift do

How to Use an Aerial Lift?

An aerial lift is very similar to a boom lift, as they both are used to ascend up in a construction site and work in hard to reach areas. The aerial lift operates by extending its arms and joints to ascend and maneuver the operator where they want to go. Using one of these lifts sound simple, but operating it correctly will virtually eliminate hazards. Inspecting the Aerial Lift You’re going to want to inspect the lift before you operate it. Even though it doesn’t seem like you would need to, you really do. Check for leaks that might be coming from beneath the aerial lift platform and also from hoses or fittings. Check the tires and controls as well. Checking the controls means starting the lift and changing the control over to the “ground” or “base,” and also checking all of the functions of the lift. After checking the controls, make sure to switch the lift back over to “platform.” Remember to check the area for any hazards or obstacles. It’s not advised to operate the aerial lift on uneven ground or in risky weather conditions. Entering the Aerial Lift After you’ve done an extensive check of the aerial lift, put the harness on and climb into the lift. Make sure to affix the harness to the safety hook on the lift (found on the rail). Before ascending, make sure that the lift is as close to the desired work area as possible. You want to drive the lift while ascended as little as possible to minimize the risk of injury or fatality. Operating the Aerial Lift Set your safety outriggers and ascend with the arm that extends under the basket. If the job requires more height once fully extended, use the second arm. Lastly, you’ll want to raise the articulated boom. Now you can fine-tune the correct angle and height of the arms so that your work area is easily accessible. Exiting the Aerial Lift When you’re completely finished, shut the lift down and descend until you are back where you started. Shut all things down and remove the key from the ignition. Remember to fill up and charge the power source as needed!

When working in a aerial lift you are required to tie off it is permitted to tie off to?


Where in Ft. Worth can I find an aerial lift rental?

Hertz Equipment Rental Corp

What do you call the two parts of lift that goes down a mine?

What do these two parts of the lift do

What do you call the two parts of the lift that goes down a mine?

What do these two parts of the lift do

Where can I locate a repair shop for my reclining lift chair?

Since you don't give a location we can tell you how to locate a repair shop on the internet. Go to and select search nearby for lift chairs. You can try searching the manufacturer's website if that fails.

How do you operate a Telsta bucket truck if the generator is not working?

You Don't the SU and t40 were made for the phone company and able to provide 110volts on the job as well you will have to fix the onan in order to run the lift William

What are the three major parts of a lift truck overhead guard and hydraulic lift?


Which parts of the plane create lift?

The wings and horizontal tail surfaces create lift.

What do you call two part of the lift that goes down a mine?

What do these two parts of the lift do

How do you change radio aerial on vauxhall astra n reg 1996 5 door hatchbackit is a telescopic 5 piece pull out i want to fit a 9 inch rubber one piece it is mounted on passenger rear wheel arch?

Unattach the flex from rear of radio, remove passenger side plastic ledges from both passenger door sides, lift up carpet then locate the aerial mount and unscrew mounting from rear wheel arch and withdraw. Reverse this procedure for replacement of new aerial mount.

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