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It could be caused by either a dimmer switch or a large load energizing while it is on (for example a clothes iron).

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Q: How do you locate the cause of lights flickering when another circuit is activated?
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Head Lights and Lights Flickering?

Have your alternator checked out.

Why are your lights flickering on your 98 Bravada?

If your lights are flickering on your 98 Bravada, you might have a shortage. It can also indicate that your alternator is failing.

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What causes your kitchen halogens lights to flicker or dim?

Assuming there's nothing wrong with the light circuit itself, usually a large load on the same branch circuit (circuit breaker) will cause this. Is your refrigerator on the same circuit? When the compressor kicks on, it will drag down the voltage on the entire circuit. This is most easily noticed by flickering or dimming lights.

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usually this flickering affects the headlights to and is caused by a bad alternator

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