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How do you log out?

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" How do you log out" from where? If your talking about logging out from this site, You go up to the left hand side in the blue box right by your user name & click.

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If log a equals x and log b equals y what is log?

"Log" is not a normal variable, it stands for the logarithm function.log (a.b)=log a+log blog(a/b)=log a-log blog (a)^n= n log a

What is the name of the brains circulatory system?

tom dunsdons dad and mum log log log log log log log in my buttt

What is the answer to log x6?

log(x6) = log(x) + log(6) = 0.7782*log(x) log(x6) = 6*log(x)

The log of a quotient is the log of the numerator divided by the log of the denominator?

Not quite. The log(x/y) = log(x) - log(y) In words, this reads "The log of a quotient is the difference of the log of the numerator and the log of the denominator."

The log of a quotient is the log of a numerator divided by the log of the denominator?

No. The log of a quotient is the log of a denominator subtracted from the log of the numerator.

Is it log on to or log onto?

log on to

Log x - log 6 equals log 15?

log(x) - log(6) = log(15)Add log(6) to each side:log(x) = log(15) + log(6) = log(15 times 6)x = 15 times 6x = 90

Is log 5 equivalent to log 5-log 20?

No. log 20 is a positive number , so it you subtract it from log 5 you get less than log 5. However, log10 5 = 1 - log102 = 2- log1020 . or log 5 - log 20 = log 5 - log 4*5 = log 5 - (log 5 + log 4) = log 5 - log 5 - log 4 = - log 4 But we do not need to do all of these computations, because log 5 is different from log 5 - log 20 by the law of the equality that says two equals remain equal if and only if we subtract (in our case) the same thing from them.

If 3 log x - 2 log y?


Log x plus log 2 equals log 2?

log(x) + log(2) = log(2)Subtract log(2) from each side:log(x) = 0x = 100 = 1

How do you solve for a power in a math problem?

You have to use logarithms (logs).Here are a few handy tools:If [ C = D ], then [ log(C) = log(D) ]log(AB) = log(A) + log(B)log(A/B) = log(A) - log(B)log(Np) = p times log(N)

how to log out?

go to the corner where log in is click it and u will see log out i hope this helps

How do you solve a log?

You calculate a log, you do not solve a log!

Log 2 plus log 4 equals log 2x?

log(2) + log(4) = log(2x)log(2 times 4) = log(2x)2 times 4 = 2 times 'x'x = 4

how do i log in?

how do i log in

How do you store log files into event viewer?

application log, security log, system log

Log 5 plus log 2 equals?

Same as log(5x2) = log(10).

Log9x plus log x equals 4log10?

log(9x) + log(x) = 4log(10)log(9) + log(x) + log(x) = 4log(10)2log(x) = 4log(10) - log(9)log(x2) = log(104) - log(9)log(x2) = log(104/9)x2 = 104/9x = 102/3x = 33 and 1/3

How do you add logarithms?

Log(a) + Log(b) = Log(a * b)

If you log out to Facebook can you log in again?

Yes, you can log in again.

Given log 2 and log 3 how do you compute log 36?

log(36) = 1.5563To solve this problem without using a scientific calculator, factor 36 into 2*2*3*3, and use the formula:log(a*b) = log(a) + log(b)So, in this case:log(36) = log(2) + log(2) + log(3) + log(3) = 0.3010 + 0.3010 + 0.4772 + 0.4772 = 1.5564 (slight rounding error)

What is log log scale?

A log-log scale is a set of axes where each axis is logarithmic in scale.

What are the characteristics of preposition?

think of what a bunny can do with a log: around the log, beside the log, through the log, etc.

Why does Movie Star Planet log you out when you try to log in?

because you do not log in right instead you log in wrong

What is the logarithm of log -1?

Assuming you are asking about the natural logarithms (base e):log (-1) = i x pithereforelog (log -1) = log (i x pi) = log i + log pi = (pi/2)i + log pi which is approximately 1.14472989 + 1.57079633 i