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This is for beginners

equipment you need:


Of-course you'll need one No one is stupid enough to not have a aquarium, it can be made of glass or acrylic.It comes in many shapes and sizes, Marina Aquariums are the best for beginners because I have one too.:)

A sturdy base

This one is important because without a sturdy base your aquarium is likely to fall. Even if its just a small aquarium because a filled up Marina Aquarium is like OVER 90 CAN OF BAKED BEANS! One more for this subject is that never place the aquarium near a door, window (because sunlight is so strong that it can raise the temperature up and tropical fish might like it but we're talkin about goldfish and its coldblooded), TVs (fish don't really like sudden sound or the raise of temperature) and other articles of furniture. Fish don't really like big things because imagine yourself as a tiny goldfish, and suddenly you got picked up buy a net and SPLASH! your in a totally different place. Then a big massive hand grabs the bag and you are being carried away from your home. few hours later you got put in some glass box and you cant get out. Big massive fingers poking the wall and all you can hear is bang bang bang and some weird people talking and for the rest of your life all you can hear is fingers poking, water splashing and people talking.


The only way to get goldfish poo out off your tank is not by getting a net and start scoping. The only way is to get a slim filter, if you buy the Marina Aquarium they will provide you one. Goldfish do poo a lot, you feed them they poo, you feed again they poo. so if you want to have a clean aquarium then the best thing to do is to buy a slim filter.

Heater & thermometer

All fish is coldblooded which mean their body is cold too. you don't really put a real heater inside, instead you have the heat of a light bulb. Oh yes and a thermometer the ones you peal of and then stick on to the surface of the aquarium. It will tell you the exact temperature of the aquarium, you know what I'm going to stop saying aquarium and use tank instead. Gold fish doesn't like temperature over 24oC and also they wont eat at 16oC.


There isn't much to talk about lighting really, the tank must be lit for 8 hours to

12 hours. It depends of whether you have real plants in the tank.

Gravel and decorations

Only buy rocks, ornaments and gravel that have be designed for use in a tank. To remind you that you can only put gravel and decorations in the tank when it's not filled with water, after putting the gravel and decorations slowly put a small amount of water then slowly fill the tank.

Test kits and water treatment

ensure your water is perfect by using water treatment, you can buy them in pet shops or shops that only sell fish as pets. NUTRAFIN AQUA+plus makes tap water safer for fish and coats and protects fish under stress you should have it when you buy the maria tank, NUTRAFIN cycle helps to clear bad bacteria in your tank and helps to reduce the break down of your filter , NUTRAFIN waste control filters the tank surface and cleans gravel , NUTRAFIN clear fast clears cloudy water caused by bacteria.

Start with just 1 or 2 fish

(1) swich off the tank light, lift the lid and float the bag of fish for 20 minutes to let the fish get use to the temperature.

(2)open the bag at the top and add a bit of the tank water.

(3)wait 10 minutes and do it again.

(4)carefully remove the fish from the bag using a net( do not tip the bag over and dont add any off the water that is in the bag also use a Marina Fish Net if you can get one because it is softer than the normal ones and won't harm the fish.) Finaly leave the fish for 24 hours do not... I repet do not disturb the fish and dont feed it I promise it wont die......ok just put 1 peice of goldfish food or a tiny tiny bit. Then you should change the water once a day for 2 weeks and if it goes well for the first few weeks then you can get more fish but ask the staff at the store to recommend some hardy first fish.

first, very crucial step: put it in water, like a fish bowl or tank.2nd step feed it fish food

3rd step clean the fish bowl or tank when it gets dirty

4th step don't kill it

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What does the female goldfish look like?

Like goldfish

Do goldfish look dead when they're hibernating?

goldfish dont hibernate

Why does a certain person at school look like a goldfish?

because it is a goldfish stupid

How do you look after a pregnant goldfish?

All types of goldfish are egg laying fish, as such, they do not get pregnant

What does a fantail goldfish look like?

It is a goldfish with a big tail that looks like a fan?

Why are goldfish called goldfish when they aren't gold?

Sometimes they are gold.=Look at the pet shop.=

What is a pearlscale goldfish?

They are a fancy goldfish (Carassius auratus). They were bred to have scales that look like pearls.

What does a male goldfish look like when it's carrying eggs?

Male goldfish do not carry eggs.

Why goldfish look so tired?

They look like they are tired but they aren't :)

How Do Male Goldfish Look?

A lot like female goldfish, actually. Seriously, I don't believe there are any visual differences in basic goldfish genders.

Is a white goldfish a male or a female?

you look are the goldfish tal and the female has a bigger V than the male

What do you get when you mate a shubunkin and a common goldfish?

Shubunkin is just a fancy name given to a specifically coloured Goldfish. Breeding one with a Golden coloured goldfish will result in about 33% that look like a Shubunkin and 33% that look like a Golden coloured goldfish and 33% that look like a mixture of the two. The above results would only be accurate if the breeder fish are properly line bred and their lineage is guaranteed. Otherwise you could get anything from coloured goldfish to uncoloured goldfish and a mixture of any kind of goldfish including Comets, Fantails and Veiltails.

What does a pregnnant goldfish look like?

Goldfish do not get pregnant. They are egg layers. A female goldfish looks a bit chubbier than normal around the tummy when she is in breeding condition.

What to goldfish eggs look like?

Little balls.

What does male goldfsh look like?

a female goldfish

What do the body parts to a goldfish look like?


Do nerve cells look like goldfish?


What do goldfish look like?

the goldfish looks like a golden fish and has large eyes.they are gold and sometimes small or large

What fish to keep in small bowl?

i can recomend shibunkins fan tail goldfish goldfish but if you get a heater about £10 you can get tropical fish wihitch look beter but are just as easy to look after

What large fish look would look like a goldfish?

the great gold fish

Why does it look like eggs on goldfish tail?

It probably has a disease:(

What do koi fish look like?

If my understanding is correct... goldfish.

Why do people at school look like a goldfish and a squirrel?


How do you know if a comet goldfish is a female or male?

you look at its bits

What do goldfish babies look like?

Goldfish babies look like tiny little transparent fish with black eyes. They are not born gold. The gold color starts to develop, as they age.