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Q: How do you look around in the dark at crypids island?
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What is spy island going to look like?

A dark street, spys, the meatball is the scaryest one.

Where do you get the match or flashlight on cryptids island?

To look around in the dark forest in New Jersey, you need the Lantern from the monastery in the Himalayas and the matches from the Pub at Loch Ness. You simply Use the matches to light the lantern. (Clicking "look around" lets you dismount the motorcycle.) (see related question)

How do you get jotoh Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

After getting the national dex you can find johto Pokemon roaming around the sevii islands AKA islands 1-7. Take a look around each island to find all the johto Pokemon, here are some hints where to look: One island, Four island, Five island, Six island, Seven island.

What does the term raccoon eyes mean?

It's dark circles around your eyes or dark make up made to look like a raccoon

What do grass snakes look like?

They are dark green with a yellow band around there neck

How does the jail look like from to kill a mockingbird?

it looks dark and gray. unpleasent to be around

What does the greek god hades look like?

He look just like his brother Zeus only his beard is dark and is hair is also dark too. He always takes his 2 pointed Trident around.

Do guys like the natural look or the dark look?

dark look

What do rat dropping look like?

Rat droppings are normally hard dark brown pellets around 1cm long. They look like poop.

Where can you find the bugs in ghost dogs of moon lake?

Go around the cabin and look under stone and then go in the woods and look under everything . Then go out after dark and look and listen in the woods and around the cabin.

How do you get the tonic on wild west island?

you go to the dimond plains and look around for i

Where do you get a magmerizer in Pokemon SoulSilver?

there is one at the cinnabar island just look around

On Counterfeit Island how do you tour the island?

You can look around the island all you want. The "Underground Tunnel Tour" requires tickets. (see related question)

Where is Q unown?

All unknowns are in the seventh sevii island, you just have to look around.

What activities do people do in mammoth cave?

They walk around and look at dark brown prehistoric paintings on the wall.

What year did Jacques Cousteau dive around Dia Island Crete?

Jacques Cousteau dived around Dia Island in 1972. The purpose of his trip was to look for the lost Atlantis. Please see the links.

What do you do when you get to Faraway Island in Pokemon?

You look around for Mew and I do not know the other Pokemon, but it will be level 30.

How do you get the comic strips on Big nate Island in Poptropica?

look around the place for them there practically every where

How do you get the piece of comic strip in the photo place in poptropica?

You have to look around the island is't simple

How do you get a shiney stone in Pokemon platinum?

iron island 3rd floor or look around route228

What do you do after you get the coin on Astro Knights Island?

give it to the guy in the museum and he'll let you look around

What does a wood frog look like?

Wood frogs are brown, red or black, and have a dark mask around their eyes.

How do you get the key for Cinnabar Gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island and look around

Is there webkinz in Long Beach island?

if u look around u might find a webkinz store

How does dark matter look?

It looks dark.