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Do not take anyone's verbal word on "collection" topics. Highly recommend obtaining a published book on "Sword Collecting." Normally, publishers only publish what is as factual material as publishing a book costs lots of money; if their book is not successful on the open market...they lose money and/or go belly up. Use the computer to locate a "collecting book" (on anything...toy tanks, cars, jets, ships, stamps, books, etc.) then purchase the book or more than one and begin studying it. The Computer is a tool. COMPUTERS HAVE NOT REPLACED A GOOD BOOK (YET).

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Q: How do you look for value in swords?
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Why a battle might have been called a storm of swords?

Because they fought with swords and if an army was attacking, it would look like a whole "storm" of swords coming down on them

What did swords look like back then?

Swords looked like long, straight, and sharp pointy sticks with a handle that you could grip easily and hold.

What are some products available from the Swords Swords website?

There are a lot of kinds of products which are available from the Swords Swords website. Some of the common products are Samurai Swords, Movie Swords, Medieval Swords Swords.

Runescape Where do you click to see your level?

on the "Crossed Swords" Icon, look at the top of the menu.

Where are all the swords in adventure quest worlds?

that is the stupidest question ever just look for them!

Where can i find Swords and sandals Crusader game PC Code?

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What did the weapons in the Middle Ages look like?

they were made of bronze and steel and were swords or arrows

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Is there a difference between a bleach sword and the other types of swords?

Bleach swords are replicas originating from a manga that is popular in Japan and most of the time look odd or misshapen, while other types of swords which most are not manga based show the different styles that were used in different time periods.

Where were the samurai swords made from?

Samurai swords are from Japan. The swords were made of hardened steel.

What is the price of a W. H. Horstmann Sons officer's sword made in Philadelphia?

Branch of Service, scabbard and frog as well as overall condition will determine the value. Naval Swords were produced in lesser quantities and Marine Corps Swords of the Civil War era are almost non-existent. An equal quality Army sword has about half the value of a Naval Sword and a Marine Corps Sword about 8 times the value of an equivalent Naval Sword. Top of the line Naval Swords should fetch about $1500. Any related documents such as an original will or purchase receipt would greatly enhance the value.

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