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You unscrew them once the piercing is healed enough to withstand the bit of pressure needed.

as it was said be sure to let it heal sufficiently. Make sure your hand are clean and dry, and that you're in an area with good light to see in case the ball falls. Grip it firmly between two fingers and twist - it might take a while depending on how tight the piercer put it on.

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Q: How do you loosen the balls on a barbell on a nipple piercing?
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Can you put a barbell in your nostril piercing?

You can but the balls on barbells are usually huge and will look strange in a nostril piercing.

What if your barbell ball fell out in your eyebrow piercing?

Well if you still have the barbell and you can get it back in the piercing without damaging the piercing, then put it in and tape it down till you can get thread on balls for the ends. If you think you have issues of not being able to get the barbell back in go see your local body piercer and have them put it in for you. They can taper the piercing and put the barbell back in without damaging the piercing.

How do you measure a nipple bar?

Well a nipple barbell is measured from inside the first ball on the shaft to the other ball inside on the shaft. It's the inside measurement you need not including the thread on balls. In a nipple (male of female) the barbell should be 2~3 millimeters longer than the actual nipple is across to ensure there is room for cleaning and enhancement. The nipple will become larger in diameter as the piercing heals, this applies to both female and male nipple piercings.

How do you tighten screws on your nipple piercing for barbells?

The threaded balls on barbells are to be tightened by turning the ball clockwise to tighten and counter clockwise to loosen. grab one ball with one hand (left ball with the left hand) and turn the right ball clock wise with the right hand, when you can no longer tighten the ball without it slipping in your fingers both balls will be tight. There you go you have just tightened the balls on your barbell.

How do you take out an eyebrow piercing?

This depends on the kind of piercing.If it is a barbell, (a slightly curved piece with two balls on the end, most common) grasp the bottom of the barbell with your thumb on the bottom ball and you index finger gently pushing the piecing out away from your face. Then, use your other hand to carefully unscrew the ball at the top. Usually turning the ball to the left will loosen it, but you'll have to experiment.If the piercing is a ring (a circular ring with one ball in the middle), then gently grasp the piercing where it meets your skin, holding it in place. Then, using your other hand, work at the ball in the middle, trying to push it up and out. If your piercing starts to hurt, leave it alone for about an hour and then try again. These are by far the most difficult to remove.

Can you replace the screws on a new nipple piercing from the standard ball to a decorative one?

So long as the threads are the same there will be no problem. Be carefull though that you don't damage the new piercing by handeling it roughly. Don't forget about keeping everything sterile including the new balls.

How much are bellybutton piercings?

Well it depends where you get them done. A plain silver ring with a ball at my piercing parlour cost £10 A plain barbell with silver top and bottom balls cost £20 A silver barbell with a gem in the bottom ball cost £30 And a silver barbell with gems on both the top and bottom ball cost £40 I went for the most expensive one because it looks the cutest. :)

Which ball comes off of the rook barbell?

both of the balls come off the barbell, but the top ball is easier to get off than the bottom one.

What type of barbell can be used for a tongue piercing Is the plastic nickel free ones okay?

of course not free is always bad quality have you ever bought something cheaper because you thought it was just as good as the more expensive one and after a while it breaks right well with the same thing with a piercing the cheap ones or the free ones are always bad cause you end up swallowing the balls because they break because it plastic its better to get the surgical metal barbell with hard plastic balls they don't break but plastic balls you can swallow them i have a lot of experience in piercing and i know my piercings i have had a tongue piercing for almost a year now and i have changed them a lot and han many different kinds of piercings I never swallowed 1 though cause i buy the good ones but i have heard many stories of people swallowing balls before so I recommend to buy the good ones and also the complete surgical metal ones are not as good either cause sometimes you can end up biting it and it hurts a lot it can also end up breaking your teeth so get hard plastic not metal balls but get the metal barbell

What is the type of bellybutton piercing when it is 3 balls in a line strait down below the bellybutton?

It sounds to me like your talking about a dermal or a horizontal navel piercing which is a surface piercing. But from the sound of it it's a dermal piercing because I've never seen a surface piercing with 3 balls unless there 3 different piercing in a row. I could help you more if I saw a picture of what your talking about.

You just received and industrial piercing The barbell that they put in your ear has the balls on the end basically touching your skin which makes it almost impossible to clean around them Did they use?

Well the barbell should be long enough so you can push your hand against your ear and flatten out the cartilage and it should still feel comfortable, like laying down and putting your head on a pillow. You should not feel the barbell pulling on your ear cartilage, if it does then you should go see your piercer and explain that the barbell is too short for reasonable and comfortable wear. If they are a good shop they will get it squared away for you without any hassle.

What is better a metal tongue pierce or platic?

Some newbie piercers (under 5 years) will use plastic for the barbell shaft in tongue piercings, more experienced and old school body piercers will stay with metal shafts for the piercing. Plastic tends to weaken and is cheap*, very cheap to use (*Method of making more money from the client for less material costs). It's not the shaft that damages the teeth it's the balls and plastic balls are not cool on new tongue piercings because they can break and you loose the piercing because the barbell comes out. I am old school get it done with a metal barbell, two weeks later when the swelling goes down you get a shorter step down barbell, two weeks later you can change the balls to what ever you want. But stay with the metal initially to ensure the piercing heals and is cleaned properly during the early stages of healing. Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, check out the prices and ask questions like you just did, if it makes sense then go for it but don't get caught in a cash grab at your expense. Get what you pay for and that's a piece of metal in your tongue see a professional body piercer.

Tongue piercing problems?

The list of problems with tongue piercings can be quite long by condensed to a few simple things.Galvanic corrosionDental damage to teethGum erosionThe above are the big three, which I will explain in a bit of detail.Galvanic corrosion occurs when unlike metals are submerged in and electrolyte. This would be stainless steel thread on balls on a titanium barbell shaft. (unlike metals) The electrolyte is the saliva in the mouth which is acidic, just like a car battery with lead and zinc plate in acid an electrical field is formed which can over time destroy the metal of the barbell (either the steel or the titanium) this can also lead to sore throats and oral irritation.Dental damage to the teeth is generally due to clients not getting a shorter barbell in the tongue piercing once the swelling goes down, this in concert with playing with the barbell against the teeth can cause chipping and wear on the tooth enamel.Gum erosion again is due to the failure to get the shorter barbell in the piercing once the initial swelling has eased, the balls rubbing inside the mouth can wear out the inner lining of the mouth and guns causing root exposure and tooth sensitivity.

What do they call the piercing between balls and bum?

Guiche A taint piercing is also called a Jon Collins in some areas.

How long do you have to wait to change the balls on the barbell after getting tongue done?

You change the whole thing after 2 weeks .

How is a horizontal or scoop tongue piercing done and what jewelry is used?

Generally how it is done depends on the piercer. Sometimes they will use a clamp and sometimes they will mark out and do the piercing free hand depending on what they are more comfortable with doing. There is a difference between the horizontal tongue piercing and a scoop tongue piercing. Horizontal goes straight through the sides of the tongue and a scoop piercing is more like a typical surface piercing (called a scoop because of the curved barbell used in the procedure) Basically the piercer will mark out the piercing and clamp it (optional) they will then pass the needle through the tongue or into the tongue and back out again in a curved motion for the scoop piercing, after the needle is through the jewelery will be threaded, balls tightened etc, all done. The jewelery that SHOULD be used for both the horizontal and scoop piercings is either a PTFE (a type of plastic) with either metal or PTFE balls. The only other option that will give best results is a Tygon (another type of plastic, generally better for movement but needs replacing regularly) and again either metal or PTFE balls. If the piercer says "YES" to this piercing but offers a STAINLESS STEEL or TITANIUM barbell you should find someone else to do this piercing as it is probable that they have either not done this piercing before and dont have the right skill set and there are a lot of unnecessary complications that can come from metal bars through the tongue ie. speech impediment, difficulties eating, chewing, swallowing etc. There is a lot of factors to consider about this piercing, do not jump into something like this without reading up on it a fair amount first.THIS PIERCING IS A MORE DIFFICULT PIERCING TO PERFORM, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR PIERCER IS QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED WITH THIS TYPE OF PIERCING.Hi :) sorry but just fort i shud let you know,Mine was marked out && clamped i have a PTFE bar With metal balls. Eating is a aweful. My piercer had never done this piercing before but i totally trusted her && went ahead with it anyway :) if youu really want it GO 4 IT !! x

What are the different sizes for barbell balls With picture or reference?

I'll give you the link for BAF and you can look through their photo gallery.

Can you change the balls on your belly button piercing if not fully healed?

Ultimately it's better to let the piercing heal before messing around with changing jewellery or balls, the jewellery is designed fornew piercings and is bio-compatible however the balls you may want to change may not be of a bio-compatible material and could just annoy your new piercing for no reason other than to look different. I would suggest a trip down to see your piercer and have them change the balls for you so the piercing is not irritated needlessly.

What can be used to clean tongue rings?

New Piercing Aftercare1) Clean your tongue piercing after everything other than water for the next 7 days, once in the morning and again at night check to ensure the balls are tight on the barbell. Be sure to wash your hands before touching your new piercing!2) Swelling will be at it's peak first thing the morning after the piercing was done. Before bed tonight, in the fridge be sure you have a pitcher of cold water, a tray of ice cubes, you will want these items in the morning. When you get up crush some ice in a plastic bag, then take some of the ice slivers and put them in your mouth and allow them to melt. Try not to suck on them, allowing them to melt is the best. After about five to ten minute you should notice the swelling subsiding. During the day try to have cold water with ice handy throughout the day to keep the swelling down and to aid in the healing.3) Good oral hygiene is important to allow the tongue piercing to heal as quickly as possible. Purchase a good non-alcohol anti-bacterial mouth rinse if possible, (Oral-B), if you cant find this then Original Listerine will work fine but if you find it's too harsh then cut it down 50% with water. You must rinse your mouth out after everything other than water for the first 7 days, this is very important! When brushing the teeth do not brush your tongue, this may irritate the piercing. The 2nd or 3rd day after the piercing has been done you may notice a yellow film on the top of your tongue, don't worry this is the normal matter your tongue generates as it heals this will disappear in a few days. You may also see a whitish circle around the barbell under your tongue, this is the tongues version of a scab and it will also disappear in a few days.4) Ensure your barbell balls are tightened every night before bed and after you have brushed your teeth and washed your hands. While holding the bottom ball under your tongue in your left hand grasp the top ball with your right hand and turn it clockwise to tighten it. (Right to Tighten / Left to Loosen) This must be done every day to ensure the balls do not loosen off. If you do happen to swallow a ball they will not hurt you, they will pass through your system in a day or so, contact your piercer to acquire another replacement ball.After 2 WeeksRe-Visit your piercer to have the barbell shortened, this is important to prevent dental damage from biting the barbell.Things Not to Do with New Tongue PiercingsDo Not use Epsom Salts, Table Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, Betadine, Tea Tree Oil, Polysporin, Neosporin, Bacitracin, Bactroban, Bactine or any other topical solution or ointment on your piercing what so ever.These products are not for use on Puncture Wounds! If it's not listed on the above aftercare guide don't use it on the piercing!If you think you have trouble with your piercing contact your piercer and NEVER remove the jewellery from a suspected infected piercing.

How do you remove a tongue ring that is stuck?

FOR TOUNGE BARS READ BELOW THIS ONE I am going to take a wild guess that one of the balls on the barbell have become stuck inside your tongue. If this is the case you will have two options. 1) Go to see your piercer, he/she may be able to to get it out for you. 2) See your doctor, he/she will be able to get it out for you. Now I need to tell you that either option will not be painless and I hope that the barbell is one which both balls unscrew from the post, if so that will make things a bit easier. If not..........well it is what it is. The only reasons a barbell will do this are: 1) Barbell was too short for the swelling of the tongue. 2) The balls on the Barbell were too small on a post that was too short. I have see this a few times in the past with other people who got piercings from other studios and didn't follow the aftercare instructions, it can be fixed without loosing the piercing however it won't be pretty or painless. ............................................................................................................................................... i have the same problem with my tongue bar the lower ball always atleast 1s aday get stuck in the tongue and all i do is flip my tongue over and use my lip to push it back down, it doesnt hurt but it works

How do you remove an angel kiss piercing if the balls will not come loose?

Go and see your piercer

The balls on your naval piercing are hard to move what should you do?

Go see your piercer for help

What is surface piercings?

its a bar that goes under the skin and has two balls popping out on each side it is an alternative to a micro dermal piercing which is a surgical piercing implant

Can you just change the balls on my naval piercing?

Yes, but if you are unsure how to change the jewellery best to go see your piercer and have him/her show you the correct way to do it without hurting your piercing.

How can you make a fake snake bite piercing?

glue small silver balls under your lips