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How do you loosen the cap on a weed eater?

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Aint doing you any good like it is. Turn it so you can put some WD-40 in the cap to flow down into the threads. Wait 30 minutes and try to remove it with a large pair of Channel Lock pliers or a pipe wrench or call a neighbor for help.

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Where do you rid old weed eater?

You can get rid of an old weed eater at a recycling center. If you take the weed eater apart, you can get money for the metal.

How do you change oil in weedeater 300 series push mower?

Changing the oil is as simple as looking for the oil gauge on the weed eater. Once one finds the gauge within the weed eater, then remove the cap and remove the oil.

Is it called weed eater or weed whacker?

weed whacker

What is the afrikaans word for weed-eater?


What is the best weed eater?

Stihl weed eaters

What gas oil ratio does a weed eater lt 7000 require?

What type of oil does weed eater or7000

What is the difference between a weed eater and a weed wacker?

the correct name is weed whacker, weed eater is only used by people down south...the more common name is weed whacker because it is the tools name whereas weed eater is only a brand name and not the official name of the tool

How do you put deck shoot spring on weed eater tractor?

all you do is take the bottle of spray and put it on the weed eater

What is the ratio of a weed eater brand weed eater?

THE ONE IK HAVE RUNS AT A 32:1 fuel/oil mixture

Homelite weed eater c300 26cc fuel mixture?

Usually this is written on the fuel tank cap or on a sticker nearby. Go check on the unit.

Where can you find the owners manual for a Weed Eater Tiller WER 350?

Where can you get the owners manual for a Weed Eater 3.5hp tiller model WER350?

How easy is it to replace a spark plug wire on gas weed eater?

How easy is it to replace a spark plug wire on a gas weed eater?

Why does your weed eater lawn mower stall right away?

My weed eater lawn mower was expose to the wet weather and now it not staying on

How do you change the string on trimmer?

There are two ways to change the string on a weed eater depending on what type of weed eater it is. First you will have to manually maneuver the appropriate amount of nylon string into the string cap at the head of the string trimmer. Or you can replace the entire head cap with a brand new spool of string. You will have to figure out what type of string trimmer you have and than decide which of the above you will need to do.http:/

What is the best weed eater to buy?


What kind of oil does the weed eater use?

Pennzoil air cooled should work just fine. The specific ratio that you must use should be written on the actual weed wackier (probably on or around the gas cap.)

Best Weed Eater?

Choosing the right weed eater is important for the health of your lawn or garden. This article provides you with a guide on how to purchase the best weed eater.Types of weed eatersBefore knowing which weed eater to purchase, understand the different types available, as there are several. First, there are electric weed eaters. These are by far the most common type of weed eater. They start easily and are fairly quiet. Of course, you need to have an electrical outlet nearby (or a long extension cord). The second type of weed eater is a battery operated option. Unlike the electric weed eater, battery operated ones do not require an outlet. Unfortunately, batteries tend to die in the middle of operation, so you need extra ones on hand. The last kind of weed eater is a gasoline powered one. These are more portable than electric weed eaters, and handle tough projects easily. Unfortunately, they are really loud.Type of projectGenerally, for typical lawn use, most people can settle for low horse power when purchasing a weed eater, since their grass is thin and easily manageable. Obviously, for thicker, more difficult projects, a weed eater with more horse power is necessary.Knowing the type of project is essential to knowing which weed eater works best for you. BrandsThe brand is important for weed eaters. Stihl weed eaters consistently get top-notch reviews for all types of uses. They generally last for years, are lightweight and easy to reload. Another type that is lightweight and easy to use most of the time is Husqvarna, although they are not as durable as Stihls.There is a lot of variety out there when it comes to weed eaters. Knowing what type of weed eater you need and what type of projects you have, is essential for knowing what type of weed eater to buy.

What are the different names for a weed eater?

* weed wacker * mechanic sicle * green machine

What is the compound word for weed?

not the but a - there are more than one,seaweed / weed-eater / weedkiller

What size blade come on my weed eater riding lawn mower?

The manufacturers instructions should include the blade size for your weed eater lawn mower.

What is weed eater trimmer line made of?


How do you restring a task force weed eater?

with your hands...

How can you shorten a weed eater shaft?

hacksaw :P

How do you restring a Weed Eater model 1210?

Very carefully.

How much to repair a pull start on a weed eater?


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