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How do you lose belly fat at the age of 11?

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You can lose weight by eating less junk food, and by exercising and doing cardio.

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Are 11 year olds supposed to have belly fat?

Everyone has fat. It depends on who you are, and your body, on where it is placed.

How do you lose leg fat age 11?

Jog. Run. Bike. Walk. Eat healthy. No matter what your age is, it's all the same; just exercise. If it helps, I'm 11, too. :)

How can an 11-year-old lose belly fat?

Change your diet, and engage in cardio exercise, or any cardio sport. Become more active and change your eating habits.

Is belly fat ugly for 11 year old?

Probably not.. depends on the person, but don't worry about it =)

Is 137 pounds for a 11 year old girl at 5 feet to fat?

Look.. At your age you don't need to be worrying about your weight. It is mainly puppy fat which you will lose at an older age. so don't worry and have fun while your young enough to.

How much does an 11 year old girl weigh at 5ft?

you should weigh from 110lbs min. and 130lbs max. you will start losing weight once you become a fully grown teenager because right know all that fat is baby fat right now i am 127lbs and I'm' pretty chubby but i know that this is all baby fat if you still want to lose weight then just try and make better choices the average 12 yr. old has allot of belly and leg fat so right bow its soft fat so try to lose it but soon you will either lose it or it will become hard fat then you can still lose it but it will be harder to lose

How should an 11-year old girl lose belly fat before summer she is 4' 11 in height and weighs around 105 pounds but looks like she is overweight?

Ummm, well- as long as she isn't lethargic she is most likely not fat- odds are she will reach puberty and the "belly fat" of which you speak will be less noticeable due to her breasts. I don't know how much I weighed when I was 11 or how tall I was, but I was definitely "chubby" mostly in the belly area- I've always had skinny legs. When I was 12,13,14 I lost it all naturally or- it repositioned itself on my chest, whatever. 11 is way way too early to be concerned about "belly fat". As long as the girl is active and not obese and eats a balanced diet- there is no problem. 11 is not the appropriate age to be losing any fat or dieting or any of that crap- this girl has her whole adult life to obsess over her weight and looks, she should at least get breasts first, then decide. By the time she's 16 she could be 5'8 and 130 lbs- which is perfectly normal- all of that stretching out would probably flatten her belly, right? I'm pretty miffed by this question, honestly- is it bikini season you're worried about? 11 years old, hello? eat a freaking hot dog and have a full calorie lemonade while you still can!!!

What age should you get your belly button pierced?

well,my sister got her pierced at 11:LL...

Am I fat if im 7 stone and 11 years old?

Look you are definite not fat!. if people have called you fat that is ridiculous. Ok i weighed 6 and half when i was 11 but that was because i was trying to lose weight u are average!. so live your life and have fun and 100% dnt try and lose weight :)

Is being 5 11 and 170 pounds fat for a 13 year old?

Not "fat," but possibly somewhat overweight for that age.

Is an 11 year old overweight if she is 5.3 ft and weighs 121 pounds?

Yes., I think..... but donot worry i have solution too....Heyy...Everyone wants to know how to lose fat around their abs, well, here's how I do it...The #1 question that is asked on all fitness sites, bodybuilding forums, magazines and late night TV infomercials sounds a lot like these:How to I lose the stubborn belly fat? How do I lose abdominal fat? How to do I get great abs? How do I lose the stomach pouch off the lower abs?These are all too common question and they are so popular that it's the reason the weight reduction arena is a multi- billion dollar (yes billion) industry.You are about to read the real secret to great abs and how to lose belly fat and it's going to be a very simple formula that you can follow. Remember...Your abdominal muscle is like the rest of the muscles in your body. They require training if you want them to be larger and stronger. A common mis-conception is that you must train your abs several times a week. This will only lead to overtraining. Your abs are a muscle. Train it like everything else. No need to focus and go overboard. Two to three times a week of focused ab work or core strength is generally the rule for 6 pack abs.An Easy 3-Step System For Lose Body FatEmail me at annetaye089 @ Gmail. com (minus the spaces then, email ) to access the best way to lose body fat including belly fat program available today...It's easy to lose the belly fat when you know how.

Could there be something wrong with your pregnancy if you can't hear a heartbeat at 11 weeks?

No, I didn't hear my babies heartbeat until I was about 14 weeks. It also depends on how much belly fat you have. I had some belly fat so maybe that's why it was a little longer for me. Don't worry everything will be fine.

How can a 11 year old girl lose belly fat fast?

All you need to do is watch what you eat. Do not eat after 8:00pm, drink plenty of water, (it fills you up) do not drink too much. And if you do not do other activities walking is a really good source of exercise. And cut out sodas if you drink them, dark colored sodas are the worse. Try not to be too hard on yourself you are only 11, and your body changes so much from now until you are about 17. Good Luck and do not be so hard on yourself, stress causes belly fat!!

You are 69 pounds and im 11 are you fat?

No way! At age 11 years old, 69 pounds is WAY LOW average.

How do kids get big muscles?

Kids can get bigger muscles by running to lose baby fat then do push ups crunches and pull ups. Also playing sports is good I am 11 and have a six pack and fairly big biceps/triceps. Football is one of the best and also once you lose your baby fat keep running to lose access fat

How do you lose weight at age 11?

I would use weight watchers. It's completely safe.

Can you lose virginty at 11?

Losing your virginity can happen at any age. It is not supposed to happen with children, but it does.

I am 14 years old and i weigh 11 stone and i am 5 foot 5 am i fat?

you are not fat! you are growing and will gain weight at this point in your life but will most likely lose it eventually :)

You are 11 years old you are 139 pounds how do you lose body fat?

The best way to lose body fat is to exercise, for an 11 year old that could be as simple as walking or playing active games or playing sports on a team or with friends. Keep active. Also you could stop using sugar. Start eating more fruit and vegetables and salads. And cut out the soda and snacks for a while. Give it time and you will lose the weight. I am eleven, 5'0 and i am 129 i want to lose weight too......this was good advice. Also I want to add that it is a normal weight for someone your age.

When do children loose the second molars?

Most children lose their second molars around the age of 11 years. Most kids start to lose their first teeth around 5 years of age.

How long is it going to take for your son to lose his molar?

You lose your baby first molars at 9-11 years of age baby second molars at 10-12 years of age Hope that helps.

You are 11 and 120 pounds is that considered fat?

well i am 11 and wiegh 120 lbs. i dont consider myself faat. but i am 5"2 and all of my frinds are skinny. but most of my friends are fat. so no your not fat ur just growing early for your age

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Belly - film - was created on 1998-11-04.

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