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* Fertilize heavily with animal manures.
* Citrus need incredibly high levels of nitrogen - which explains why
some men like to help out in that department with a late night visit to the
orange tree!
* Mulch well although keep it away from the trunk.
* Water well - in a warm temperate climate twice a week during summer.
* Don't be too concerned with any pruning - even though they can be cut
back quite hard.

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What is the name of an orange tree?

an orange tree

How do you grow an orange tree from a host orange tree?

you dont

How are seeds of a orange tree scattered?

how are seeds of an orange tree scattered

What is an orange made from?

An orange is made by an orange tree.

How can a tree grow from a seedless orange?

It is grown from cuttings from the host orange tree .

What is the name of a tree that has a orange flowers?

what is the name of a orange tree flower name

How can you turn your orange tree into a lemon tree?

paint it lemon instead of orange

Why do grapefruits grow on an orange tree?

because grapefruits are actually hibrids from an orange tree so the orange could also get polinated from a grapefruit tree

When is the time to pick orange off the tree?

This varies enormously according to the variety. While an orange may look ripe when it changes from greenish to orange, it may not have developed sweetness. Taste and knowledge of the variety are the best guides, as an orange will not continue to ripen off the tree. Some will maintain quality if left on the tree, while others will deteriorate quickly. Some ripen in 6 months, while others can take up to a year.

What is the life cycle of an orange tree?

for how many years the orange tree bears fruits?

What is the scientific name for Orange Tree?

The scientific name for the orange tree is citrus sinensis.

You swallow a orange tree seed will you grow a orange tree inside me?

No nothing will happen.

Which group has an orange tree as their logo?

The group or company who invented the logo, an orange tree in an orange circular shape, is Timberland.

What are the roles of an orange blossom and an orange in the reproduction of an orange tree?


How does an orange tree smell?

An orange tree smells like fresh citrus when you get near it. The smell is stronger, the more oranges that are on the tree.

What flower grows on an orange tree?

Orange Blossoms

What is the name of a plant that has orange flowers?

orange tree

Is there a flower called orange?

Yes, the flower of the orange tree is an "orange flower" .

What plants are similar to an apple tree?

orange tree

Does an orange tree need another orange tree to bear fruit?

no you don't.. i don't actually need another tree but if you decide to then its ok

What is the spiritual meaning of the orange tree?

Orange trees have a symbolic meaning within Christianity. Specifically, the orange tree is representative of giving, charity, and purity.

How do you blend the orange on the tree from green to the shades of orange?

it ripens

What kind of tree has orange roots?

Osage Orange Trees.

Do trees grow orange leaves?

only the orange tree

Where does an orange grow?

in a tree