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well you put ur lips on his bare stomach and do the ppwwwffttt thing then when he laughs stick ur finger in his mouth and pull his toung out and hold it then put jalepinio sauce on it and tickle him causing him to swallow itt then when he tries to leave say

"hey baby want to hear my juciest secret? " "im a man" then when he dumps u say "sorry i thought you were gay" then laugh your head off at the fact that you arent really a man and that you just insulted him in a clever way,then go buy some ice cream snd watch old re-runs of little house on the prarie.


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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:32:08
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Q: How do you make-out with your boyfriend?
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What should you do when your boyfriend?

makeout with him

Where would you makeout with your boyfriend?

anywhere. just make out!

How do you makeout with our boyfriend?

akward question...but it just happens but take it slow and makeout somewhere quiet where noone can find u

What should you do if your boyfriend tries to kiss you in the movie theatre?

kiss him back and makeout

You are 11 and you want to makeout with your boyfriend should you?

No. Go home, you're 11.

Should you makeout with my boyfriend when you're 13?

Yeah why not , u gooo gurl

Is wrong for your 12 year old boyfriend want to makeout with you?

Yes, you are too young.

Is it bad to makeout with your boyfriend in the stairwell at church?

Yes. It is bad form and rude. Do it some place else.

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now and he wants to makeout but I'm scared and don't know how what should i do?

Hope this helps. =)

What to do with your boyfriend after you makeout?

I guess you could just hold each other and talk or sit and hold hands while you talk.

How can you tell if a guy wants to makeout?

well you can tell if he starts flirting and then becomes youre boyfriend then moves closer and closer and then pukers.

Where is mina makeout from?

Mina makeout, the scene queen, is from England.

Should your boyfriend take off his shirt whall you makeout?

Only if he feels comfortable about it and its something you both want. Otherwise keep your clothes on

How old should you be to makeout with a guy?

I am not sure what age you should be before making out a guy. I would tell you to wait until you have a serious boyfriend.

How can you tease your boyfriend during a make out session without it being too dirty and leading to sex?

You can tease your boyfriend by nibbling on his ear or kissing his neck. This is not a guarantee that the makeout session, though not dirty, will not lead to sex.

Did the Jonas Brothers makeout?

Yes, Nick and Joe did makeout after one of their videos.

When is makeout day?

Makeout Day is not a legal holiday or even a celebrated holiday. The date for Makeout Day varies, but usually is said to occur on December 15th.

Should I give my boyfriend cologne for Christmas?

Totally, even guys like to smell good and who doesn't want to snuggle and makeout with someone who smells amazing?

What gift could you get your 18 year old boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

I happen to be 18 and I have an 18 year old boyfriend. He loves football. Maybe get him a football jersey, plan a romantic dinner, or just plain old makeout!

Did Justin Bieber makeout with his mom?

No he did not makeout with his mum

How do you know if your boyfriend is going to makeout with you or just kiss you?

Well you can't read his mind. But i can imagine that you can tell my the place, time, and what you guys have been doing before the kiss.

When makingout should u lay on top of your boyfriend or he lay on top of you?

Roll around, switch it up. Both. Make it interesting, he will love the hot and fun makeout

How do you know when you are ready to make out with your boyfriend Me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 3 months and we have kiss but when we are about 2 makeout i get scared and say no?

You are ready to make out when your are not scared. Don't be in too much of a hurry. You have a long life ahead of you, and plenty of time to make out.

Is it okay for 2 guys to makeout that arent gay?

Okay if two guys makeout and it's out of passion then your gay.

How do you know if a guy want to makeout with you?

does he look at ur lips alot and talk about makeout in general if so then he wants to