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Check out this website, it explains it pretty good.

Actually that site isn't accurate. That's a way to make it, but not

the one that cadbury uses, they make it using cold fusion. I,

Troy Vance Sampson run Cadbury and it's a trade secret.

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What kind of chocolate bar does Justin bieber love?

He loves Caramilk bars, he's Canadian.

What is the name of chocolate covered caramel in a purple wrapper?

i think its CARAMILK

Is chocolate sweeter than caramel?

no caramilk is alot sweater then chocolate

What are chocolate bars?

They are bars of chocolate!!!

What companies make chocolate bars?


What factories make chocolate bars?


How did the Olmecs make chocolate?

taking cacao beans, squishing them, then freezing them to make chocolate bars.

How many bars of chocolate does Cadbury make per year?

6,00000 bars a year

Are chocalate bars healthy for you?

Answering "Are chocolate bars healthy for you?"No. Although they produce sustainable energy, chocolate bars can make you obese and make your teeth rot. It is fine to eat them every now and then, but too much chocolate can result in nose bleeds and obesity.

Is paraffin used to make chocolate bars?

It is in some chocolate bar, yes, but not in all.

How many chocolate bars are there worldwide?


What is the Hershey's Chocolate company?

The hershey's company is a company that makes chocolates such as Reece's, Caramilk and hershey's kisses.

How do you make milk chocolate bars out of baking chocolate?

melt the whole pack then put it in the ice trays and freeze them there you go mini choclate bars

Do they recycle old chocolate bars to make Easter eggs?


Which chocolate bar is the best?

The best chocolate bars in the whole world are Snickers, Mars Bars, Chocolate Whole Nut Bars

How do you make hot chocolate without the mix?

you would just add chocolate bars to make hot chocolate that are made to mix with hot chacolate

Where did chocolate bars come from?

answer: chocolate bars were invented in Bristol in 1847.

Why are chocolate bars bad for you?

chocolate bars technically arent bad for you

What ingredients would you need to have on hand to make chocolate peanut butter bars?

To make chocolate peanut butter bars you will need graham crackers, peanut butter, semisweet chocolate chips, peanut butter, sugar, and melted butter.

What part of speech is chocolate bars?

The phrase chocolate bars is a noun. It is the plural noun of chocolate bar.

How many chocolate bars do cadbrys make a min?

may be 100

How many chocolate bars does Cadbury make per hour?


Where do they make Hershey bars?

Hershey chocolate company in Hershey, PA.

How do you make something with chocolate bars?

you can eat it into any shape you like

How many chocolate bars does Cadbury make or sell a year?


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