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How do you make Jello shots?

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Add boiling water to the pack of Jello first, then 3/4 cup cold alcohol and 1/4 cup cold water. Mix and set in small cups, preferably the kind that are wax-coated (the kind they use for ketchup at McDonald's).

If you use the small plastic medication cups the Jello sticks and you won't be able to pop the shot in your mouth. With the wax paper cups you can squeeze the Jello shot into your mouth with no waste. Enjoy!

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How can you find out how to make Jello shots?

Jello Shots are quite easy to make. The Food Network's website has many recipes of high quality Jello shots available to read and download. They also have video tutorials.

How many jello shots can you make with a fifth?


Can you freeze jello shots?

Can u freeze jello shots over nite

What can you do with Jello Shots?

Jello Shots are an alcoholic beverage made with jello. When making jello , add your choice of alcohol and put in a mold of choice. Many people put the shots in shot glasses to allow for the jello to form.

How many gelatin shots does one pack of gelatin make?

One small pack of jello makes 4 1/2 cup servings, or 2 cups of jello. The large pack makes twice as much. *19 jello shots in the paper cups from a small box of jello

Can you use sugar free jello when making jello shots?


Can you make jello shots with sugar free jello?

Yes, this is possible. Just be sure to pull up a recipe specific to sugar free.

How do you make rainbow jello shots?

you have to make a thin layer of each color you want then put then on eachother...

Can you put MDMA in jello shots?


How can you find more information about Jello shooters?

There are many websites and resources that offer information on Jello shots. Some of the websites that offer information on Jello shots are Cocktails, Jellinator and Wiki How.

Are jello shots good?

hell to the yeah!

What foods contain alcohol?

jello shots, lol.

How many individual jello shots does a small package of jello make?

Based on (1) 3 oz box of Jello, 1 c boiling water, 1 c alcohol (I was using Pucker Sour Apple Schnapps and Amaretto) So 22 - 1 oz jello shots filled up to just slightly under the lip is a good number!

Can you you make hennessy jello shots?

Yes. Use green apple or strawberry because it mixes very well.

How much alcohol is in one jello shot?

when i make jello shots i use 1 package of jello dissovled in 1 cup hot water then add 1/2 cup of alcohol & 1/2 cup of cold water. i get about 16 jello shots this way. with that being said there are 4oz's in a half of cup which divided by 16 you would get .25oz so on that note one jello shot made with 1/2 cup of alcohol will have .25oz's of alcohol in it.

What types of shots do kids take?

Jello Shots what else? Sometimes, the more daring kids will do half and half.

What do jellyfish do when they make jello?

they make out and mate that is how they make jello

How many 3 ounce jello shots can you make with a small box of jello?

We just made some and we used half water and half vodka. It ended up making about 30 shots. Don't know if they were 3 ounce cups or not. They are the little small cups made just for jello. ya know there are young kids on here, right? don't be giving them ideas.

Is jello shots achohal?

Jello shots contain alcohol. They can be dangerous because you don't now how much alcohol you are consuming. They also mask the taste of the alcohol and children might eat them and get sick or even die.

How long do jello shots take to set?

Generally 2-4 hours.

How long do jello shots last in the refrigerator?

At least a week, this is the longest I have left them there for

How much alcohol evaporates in jello shots?

None at all as long as you keep it far away from a boil. Safe bet is to just put a shitload of alcohol in anyways. I'm smashed on jello shots rirght now.

Is it possible to make champagne jello shots?

Of course! Combine jello mix and 1 cup boiling water. Allow to cool, add one cup chilled champagne. Pour into plastic condiment cups and refrigerate.

How long do jello shots need to be refrigerated?

Assuming you made them properly, your Jell-o shots should be ready to eat in 3 hours.

Can you make jello shots with gin?

Yes I made them the other night and they were really good I used the Seagrams Lime Twisted Gin and cherry Jell-o

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