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How do you make a 47cc pocket bike go faster?

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There are a few performance parts on those sides that will improve your acceleration a bit and maybe give you a couple more MPH on the top speed, but there is not a whole lot you can do for those pocket bikes. This is because they do not have a transmission, leaving you with only 1 ratio. This means it is hard to keep your engine in its peak hp power band. The engine is also only 47cc, which will limit the amount of possible power you can get. But if you are willing to sacrifice a little acceleration, you can cheaply and easily get add about 10-20 mph to your top speed by gearing it higher. You can do this by either putting on a smaller rear sprocket or by upgrading to a larger front sprocket. This will require some chain adjustment, and make your bike much slower off the line as well as subtract from the climbing power. But it will help to keep your revs down a bit and add some speed. You can also gear it lower, doing the opposite and take away top speed and get way more acceleration and hill climbing power.

Even though these mods will help a little, remember there is no replacement for displacement [or a transmission].

2014-08-18 18:14:00
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How do you make a 43cc pocket bike go faster?

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How do you make your pocket bike go faster?

Lose weight.

How do you make a X2 pocket bike go faster at no cost?

What you can do is on most of the pocket bike carburetors there is a little screw that you can a dust that will increase the speed

How to make a Pocket bike turbo?

how do you make pocket bike turbo or where do you buy it i need it for my f4-15 pocket bike 49cc

How do you make a pocket bike faster with no performance parts?

if you want it to go faster with no performance parts you will need a lighter person

How do you make a 2 stroke pocket bike faster?

bore out the engine, make it lighter, and add nos at bis

How do you tune the carb to make the pocket bike faster?

sit on it and turn the srew . when it feels like its about to go faster or pull hardest that's it

How do you make a pocket bike faster?

take parts off that u dont need to make the pocket bike go faster LOOSE SOME WEIGHT OR BUY PERFORMANCE PARTS remove the muffler, remove plastic pieces that are not needed, bore out the cylinders and get bigger pistons, swap sprockets or get a smaller rear sprocket. (this will make it slower off the line but significantly increase top speed. just like a mountain bike in low gear)

If you take the pocket bike governor off will it make it faster?

Governors limit the RPM of the engine. Removing it will increase RPM but can cause engine damage.

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How do you make a 49cc pocket bike faster?

get a better spark plug and put a air filter on it that should give u a lil bit more power

How will the governor help make a pocket bike go faster?

Governors limit the RPM on the engine. Removing it will allow higher revs but can cause harm to your engine.

How do you make a pocket bike bigger?

Buy A Bigger one

How do you make a pocket bike street legal in WI?

You can't

How does a bike helmet make you go faster?

it will make you faster, but only if it is streamlined. other than this it protects your head if you fall off your bike.

How do you make a pocket bike go slower?

let go of the trottle

Your pocket watch is running slow how do i make it faster?

Pocket watch runs 4mins slow

How do a bore kit make your bike faster?

A bore kit does not make a bike faster. It makes the engine more powerful if you want to go faster you must work on gear ratios and or sprocket sizes.

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How do you make a motor bike go faster?

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How do you make a pocket bike street legal?

Start a Facebook campain and get the government to see it

Can you make a x1 pocket bike quieter?

it could be posible it just depends on what you youse

Can you make a pocket bike street legal?

In some states but you need a special license.