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Only the togepi egg has 50% of being shiny

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How do you turn a Pokemon shiny in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot make them turn shiny, they are born shiny, and therefore you must catch them as shiny Pokemon.

How do you make Pokemon shiny in platinum?

Use the method of shiny chaining.

How can you fix your game being frozen and make your all Pokemon shiny cheat work in Pokemon platinum?

U Have To Let All The Other Codes Off, And Just Let The Shiny Code On.

How do you make every Pokemon shiny on Pokemon platinum?

i don't think there's any way to do that unless you get the action replay and do the shiny Pokemon code.

Is there a way to make the Pokemon shiny on the Pokemon modifier action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

no action replays cant make a pokemon shiny. but you may look an the internet on ways to inprove your chance of finding

Is there a way to make one party Pokemon shiny?

Action replay can make Pokemon shiny but if you enter the code it makes every Pokemon in the game shiny now just one.

How does golbat evolve in Pokemon shiny gold x?

You need to make it love you (platinum)

How do you make all Pokemon shiny on platinum?

you cheat but try to find them with the poke radar

Can anyone make an action replay cheat that makes your Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl not shiny?

If you want your Pokemon to not be shiny then just delete the shiny cheat or turn it off. Then start the game and your Pokemon should be not shiny.

How do you make Pokemon shiny in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find cheats for shiny Pokemon on action replay or ether try breeding a Pokemon over and over again until you get one but its really rare chance

How do you make roseilia evolve in Pokemon light platinum?

It's spelled Roselia ^_^And to evolve it into Roserade, use a Shiny Stone during the day.^^^ This guy is wrong. He or she's thinking of pokemon platinum. It's impossible to evolve Roselia in the game. Sorry. :/

How can you get Pokemon Platinum ROM to load your saved game after you quit the gba?

turn it off, take the GBA game out and make sure Pokemon platinum is in. Turn it on and select Pokemon platinum and - VOILA! it starts.

How do you make a Pokemon shiny in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

You cannot make them shiny, you have to catch them shiny

How do you get Pokemon to stay shiny in Pokemon Diamond?

What do you mean how do you make a shiny Pokemon stay shiny if you get a shiny Pokemon it stays shiny ok!

How do you make Pokemon shiny?

You can't simply make a Pokemon shiny - a shiny Pokemon appears randomly, and very rarely, at that.

Where are the locations to shiny Pokemon in platinum?

There areen't any places in Sinnoh that shiny Pokemon appear repititionally. You may never know when a shiny Pokemon might appear in the wild. Besides chance, you can use an Action Replay (sold at your local Walmart) an use the shiny Pokemon code to make all wild, captured, and trainer Pokemon shiny.Pokemon fans rock,Blake B.

How do you make a Pokemon shiny?

You cannot make them shiny, you have to catch them shiny .

Is there a Pokemon platinum US AR code to make a Pokemon you alrady caught become shiny?

Yes there is. You would have had to update your action replay.

How do you make a new game on platinum?

the way you start a new game in Pokemon platinum is by pressing up,b, and select at the same time, this works with every Pokemon game also

Can you pick sertant Pokemon to stay shiny?

If you catch a shiny Pokemon, it will always be shiny. You cannot make a normal-colored Pokemon into a shiny Pokemon.

How do you make your Pokemon shiny on Pokemon Diamond?

buy an AR and get the code for shiny pokemon

Is there a cheat to make your pokemon shiny in hg?

No.There are no such cheats to make our caught pokemon shiny.

Can you make a shiny egg on platinum?

sadly no ive tried it with a shiny Persian

How can you make Pokemon shiny on Pokemon gts us?

The only way to get a shiny pokemon is if you find it as shiny. Shiny pokemon are sometimes up for trade on the GTS, but not always.

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