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just buy a real one and strip the metal

You buy a real one and the metal is not stripped off.

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Q: How do you make a WWE table?
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How do you make a WWE toy table?

its easy john cena

How do you make a WWE table leg for WWE figures?

you get some match sticks, glue them together in whatever shape you want them attach them to your table, they do snap but it's more realistic and but can change them! hope that answers your question. LP

How do you get someone on the table in WWE 12?

if its ps3 get them leaned on table and press x

How do climb the anounce table in WWE 12 for xbox?

You can not get up onto the announce table in WWE'12 unlike you can on WWE'13. You can get up onto the announce table through a glitch by placing a ladder in front of the table and climb up them. Then get the other wrestler to knock down the ladder in the direction of the announce table. You should then fall onto the table. However, this is a glitch.

In WWE how do you win a table tornado tag match?

you have to throw both your oponents to a table

Where can you buy a WWE figures table?

at the dollar store

What are the rules for WWE tables match?

have to break the table on them

How do you put someone on table WWE 12 wii?

lean a table into the turnbuckle, and do an irish whip towards the table

What is a table match WWE?

A tables match in the WWE is a match where you can only win by putting you opponent through a wooden table. Sheamus won his first WWE Championship in this type of match against John Cena

How thick is a WWE wooden table?

about 4 inches thick

How do you play table match in WWE raw PC game?

no you cant

How do you make a homemade WWE costumes?

look in wwe magazines

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