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Here is an article that will walk you through it. Here is an article that will walk you through it.

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Q: How do you make a cantenna for your WiFi base transmitter?
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What is wifi booster?

Wifi boosters are ways of boosting your wifi connection/speed they are tricks to supposedly make your wifi stronger

My cell phone has no wifi what do i need to add to make my cell phone wifi?

You can't "make" your cellphone have WiFi capablity unless it came with it. Smartphones are the only phone that have WiFi capablity most of the time. If you want wifi, get a smartphone.

My cell phone is not wifi enabled but i am in a wifi hotspot how can i make my cell phone wifi enabled - is there a cable or something that can make a nokia 6110 navigator WiFi enabled?

You cannot use a regular cell phone to either connect to the internet via a wifi hotspot or make voip calls. Just buy another phone which are wifi enabled...

How do you make a radio transmitter on the Sims 2 Castaway?

by getting a transmitter and radio. then you press make radio into a transmitter. the transmitter and radio are both by the airplane in areoplane jungle, the transmitter is annoyingly hard to find as it is too small to see. The radio is big, however, and you should spot it right away. also ig you do this try using the transmitter on the volano or in crystal caves...

How to make wifi network with wired modem?

You will have to have a router to make a wifi network if you only have a wired modem.

Your cell phone is not wifi enabled but you are in a wifi hotspot how can you make your cell phone wifi enabled - is there a cable or something that can make a nokia E50 WiFi enabled?

no its not possile by any softwere.but there is a chance to make it by Integrated circuit changes. Try it ......................................

Radio transmitter placed in sims 2 castaway?

i don't understand your quistion. the transmitter is by the airplane in areoplane jungle but tis very hard to find because you can't see it. you make a radio transmitter by putting a radio and transmitter together..

Where can one get free laptop wifi?

There are so many places to get free laptop wifi. Some restaurants around in your area provide free wifi. Some stores also have free wifi. Just make sure you have a wifi adapter with your laptop to receive the free wifi.

Does panera charge for wifi?

no but I think you need to make a username and password when you log in under their wifi

Is there a way to use wifi on a phone that is not WiFi enabled?

Unless you can find room in the phone to add an wifi card and can hack the software to make it compatible, no.

Can you somehow make the iPod Nano 5th gen have wifi?

All you have to do is buy an itouch and take it apart.Now plz follow me here. take both apart and take the wifi adapter out of the itouch .Now put the frame of the itouch on the nano.then put the base of the itouch on. put the motherboard and wifi adapter on and it will look like an itouch but it will be your nano.

How do you make an internet connection?

you make it using a wifi modem

What are the similarities and differences between WiMax and Wifi?

a group of wifi can make a wimax which consist of hot spot

Why does the HTC Rhyme not connect to your home WiFi while it is working perfectly on all other WiFi networks?

First, reboot your device first. Then turn it back on and make sure you have wifi on and have it connected to your home wifi. If this doesn't work, reenter your wifi password.

How do you make a digiegg on Digimon worlddusk?

on wifi

What contributions did Whitney Houston do or make?

she invented the radiance transmitter telescpe

Does it cost to get wifi on an ipod touch?

nope, just go to the settings, tap on wifi, then click on the one you want but some wifi hotspots make you pay

How do you make a Sony PlayStation Portable Street E1008-CB connect to WiFi?

You can't make a 'PSP Street', an E1000, connect to Wifi because it has no wireless hardware.

How would wifi be put on a pda?

Your PDA would have to come with WiFi already installed for you to make use of it. This is done by have a small chip on the board that would send and receive a WiFi signal.

How do you make a wifi Minecraft server?

You have to Port-Forward it

How do you make your WiFi work?

figure it out you'r self

How can I connect my IPad 32gb to Wifi?

First make sure that your settings allow for this. Go to settings, Wifi, and make sure that the "switch" is set to "on". You may also want to consider the fact that the Wifi signal is not strong enough. You can purchase a booster for this to use on your home.

What scientific contribution did Eli Whitney make?

She invented the radiance transmitter telescope.

What if your ipod touch wont look for the internet?

maybe you have the wifi off or have the airplane mode on... go to settings/wifi and make sure its on

You can play wifi in DS Double SYS in iphone?

yes it can just make sure you are connect to the internet so you can use wifi