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Yes, you can. Although beware that this is extremely dangerous and is not recommended! If you light the lighter and then the hairspray they will make a chemical match and it will become a flamethrower. BE SAFE WITH THIS IT CAN GO INTO THE CAN AND BLOW YOUR HAND OFF!

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well i'm not sure if it's safe or not but what yo need is a can/bottle of deoderent and a lighter. light the lighter, and spray the deo while holding the lighter in front of the deo.

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Q: How do you make a flamethrower with a lighter?
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you get a lighter and a purfume botle then get the purfume botle and the flame then you have a home made flamethrower

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it is extremely flammable if you hold a lighter in front of the can while spraying it you get a flamethrower like hairspray does

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