How do you make a good but simple water rocket?

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October 22, 2007 6:17PM

A 2-Liter plastic soda bottle makes an excellent motor for a simple water rocket. With practice, you can make a really fine water rocket using 3 2-liter bottles, cardboard, card stock, tape, and readily available materials found in most homes. You may need a visit to the hardware store to make the required launcher, or there are commercially available launchers.

The biggest challenge for making a rocket with a soda bottle is achieving stable flight. This is because of the large diameter of the bottle relative to its length. It is possible to make the rocket body longer, and thus more stable, by adding a second bottle as a body, and a nosecone made of card stock. Parachute recovery can also be implemented using a simple Nose Separates at Apogee system.


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