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How do you make a good rap?

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First of all, most rappers make their song have a message to their listeners. Also make sure that it makes sense, don't just say words that rhyme. And lastly, bring it from the heart.

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How do you make a rap song?

you have to be really good in ryming words and have to have a good story to rap about when you get to writing you have to have all the details of the rap your saying and make all your fans feel your rap and also listen to some other rap songs and get some ideas from those

Is this a good rap to start of with and what would be good to continue it to make it sound even more better?

Well what's the rap? ddddduuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Can you make a rap about comets?

rap rap rap

How can i make a good rap and what should the subject be?

too bad

Why do rap artist rap?

they are good at it

Is rap music good for kids?

no rap is not really good for your children because make them bad in school gets them probably hook on drug drinking doing stuff they should not*

Can anyone make a good rap song?

yes, of course I can, do you want one?

What would be a good rule rap for school?

What would be a good rule rap for school?

What are some good energy saving rap songs?

what are some good rap songs

If you write a couple of good rap songs could you be rich?

Not at all, just because you wrote a rap song doesn't make it great and make people listen to it. Give it a while, make your name known, and then maybe.

What are some good CLEAN rap or pop singers?

Who are some good clean rap and pop singers

What is poverty in rap?

Poverty in rap is when rap is sung about lack of something or it is poor and not good. My sources are my music teacher.

What has to be in a rap?

good rhymes

What is some good rap music?

That would be all a matter of opinion and what you consider to be good qualities for rap music.

Would rap punk and meatelcore make a good genre?

Never heard of "Meatelcore" but it sounds terrible

How can you make a ball?

Get plastic rap and rap up a lot of candy . Make it into a ball shape. DONE!

Is rap good?

Personally I like rap and rap only. But it depends on what interests you the most. Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B is mostly what people listen to nowadays.

How do rap artists make their money?

How easy is this, they rap, and have concerts and pay for themselves.

Who was the first persone to make rap history?

Dr.Dre brought rap into the streets

What is a good ending for a rap?

now that my rap is over I just want to go to vancover

How do you do anchoring for a rap song?

its good

How long is a rap?

As long as you want - but probably between 1 and 5 minutes if you want to make a good rap. There was this one song that was 38 minutes long, but that had the whole Thizz Nation involved.

What does rap music means in great Britain?

It is quite good. Our rap music is called grime and tends to be faster than American rap.

Who came up with this rap?

Rap was made by bad peomts trying make a peom

What are good songs to make a remix to?

Brittney spears... or nicki manaj....chris brown... all pop or rap artist are great to make remixs(: