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How do you make a harp school project?



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I don't agree at all with the previous poster who suggested that you not make a harp because it is "too hard." Nothing is really ever too hard. It's just a matter of finding a project that works for you. A harp is only an angled or triangular frame attached to a resonating box (sound box), with strings that run from the frame, into the box. That's all. From there, it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I wouldn't try to make a concert pedal harp for a school project, unless you are going for a high school engineering project and know a bit about acoustic engineering and physics, but that doesn't mean a harp of some kind isn't a possibility. After all, there are about as many types and styles of harps as there are cultures. Without knowing exactly what you are looking for, I recommend a book called "Cool Cardboard Instruments" by Dennis Waring. There are some simple harps in there. (You can even preview it on Google books.) His "Making Folk Instruments from Wood" is also very good and has a more advanced set of plans for a Celtic harp. If you need them, there are also a lot of more advanced woodworking projects that people have shared on the web. For instance: