How do you make a line chart with Excel 2007?

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Select the values that you want to chart. Then on the ribbon go to the Insert tab and you can choose a line chart from there to create it.
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Can you make Excel 2007 look like the old Excel?

There are some downloadable tools on the web which recreate the old or 'classic' Excel toolbar in Excel 2007. One such example you might want to take a look at can be found at

Where can the charts be found in excel 2007?

Click on the Insert tab on the ribbon menu. You will see several chart options listed (Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter, Other Charts). If you need more chart options

What is a line chart in Excel?

A line chart plots one or more lines across the chart, usually showing a progression, like profits each month. It shows how things are changing over a time period. It can al

How do you make a 2d column chart in Excel?

First you need to have the correct kind of data that is appropriate for the chart. Then you select it. You can then start the chart wizard and choose the chart you want. You c

How do you make the legend smaller on an excel chart?

Click on it to select it. Then you can drag the little handles around the edges to make it smaller. You can also change the text size through the the Font option, which you ca

What four types of spark line charts does Excel include?

There are three, not four, different types of sparkline charts in Excel. They are Line, Column, and Win/Loss. There are three, not four, different types of sparkline charts i

How do you make a chart open in Excel with nothing other than the chart showing?

You would need to have a chart sheet in the workbook. When you save the workbook, have the chart sheet as the active sheet. When the workbook opens, it will be on the chart

How do you make different type chart through Excel sheet?

Using the Chart Tools you can change the existing type of chart. Make sure you are either on a chart sheet or have an embedded chart selected before beginning. You also need t

How do you put words on a line chart in Excel?

There are the standard titles for the chart and the axes that youcan put on. If you want additional text on a chart, one way ofdoing it is to use a text box. You may want to c