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it just look like a bean

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You can do a kidney model simply by using clay. Just make the clay in the shape a kidney.

First, you need to have a diagram of a kidney. Then, you can use modeling clay to form the shape of it. Paint can be added o show various segments.

You can make a model tree using green clay and brown clay.

To make a clay model of a sphinx, you should find a picture of it to use as a reference. Then simply shape your clay to look like the picture.

use weir and make it .at last cover it with clay.

Make a model pud squigaly lines on it then paint it pink..

you can us modeling clay or news paper with clay stuff on top.

get clay and shape it to a dragster

you can make alot of clay bricks then stack them in a pyramid formation.

Make it out of clay. sculpt it You will need 20 pounds of clay for the st.marys prade!!!

you can make the shape out of clay or paper w1 paint

I have to make a model of a porcupine for my science project and what I'm planning to do is get some brown clay, mold the shape of a porcupine, then get toothpicks and stick them in the clay as the quills, and use black and white clay for details like eyes.

You can make a model of the Alamo out of clay and Styrofoam . You can refer to the related link below for better ideas .

You could make a model of a wigwam out of clay but for an actual wigwam, poles and hides do a much better job.

i have to make a model of a porcupine for my science project and what im planning to do is get brown clay and mold the shape of a porcupine then get toothpicks and stick them into the clay as quills then get black and white clay to add details like eyes good luck :)

You can use it to make Pottery or, shape it to make a model.

You could make a model out of rubber, clay, acrylic

Get some clay or playdough and look up pictures of the heart and copy it.

Clay or play doh, water bottle and form the clay around the water bottle in to a triangle

You can take a lot of blue clay make the shape then add the white clay on top afterHope I helped you! :D

One way that you could make the model would be to use clay. Once you have the model formed out, you can let it dry out and paint it.

Make two half spheres and join them. Decorate as desired.

it matters what kind of model. if it is a model of a town use foam. if it is a haert use clay

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