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Really, it's really simple: just use a long-sleeved black shirt (preferably a pullover-type) and some long-legged black pants (preferably with cargo pockets for 'weapons storage'). You can make a headpiece by simply sewing two black bandanas together on three edges, leaving one edge open. DO NOT CUT EYEHOLES. They ARE NOT necessary, unless this is just for Halloween (Costume display). Black tennis (or deck) shoes complete the basic garb, but DON'T FORGET the BLACK CAPE. Ninjas 'disappear' a lot easier with a black cape. A black fanny-pack (worn backwards) can store many 'trick acouterments'. Throwing stars (you'll need several) can be made from cardboard, and for comic effect; two or three star-shaped cookies. Have fun!

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Q: How do you make a ninja costume homemade?
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