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I could tell you but maybe the world's a better place with you not knowing.

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Q: How do you make a nuclear bomb out of rubber bands?
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How do you make a nuclear bomb out of rubber bands and dog hair sprinkled with love?

ha you dont i you love something dont let it blow up ! got it ? got it! next question .

When did Germany make nuclear bomb?

Germany has not made a nuclear bomb.

Can putting rubber bands in your hair make it grow faster?

No! Using rubber bands destroys your hair.

Why are rubber bands useful?

rubber bands are useful to tie things together, make good capults, support things and just fiddle withh i love rubber bands

How to make nuclear bomb-?

To make a nuclear bomb, you need the fissionable material such as a Plutonium239 isotope, an explosive to start the nuclear chain reaction, a detonator, and a pusher.

What was important about Albert Einstein's making of the nuclear bomb?

Albert Einstein did not make the nuclear bomb. Oppenheimer did.

How do you make a fishing pole?

get a stick and some rubber bands, cut the rubber bands then tie them to gather after that get a paper clip and that is all

How do how do you make silly bands with regular rubber bands?

I don't think you can make a silly band with a regular rubber band I think in the factory where they make silly bands they have a special machine to shape them. they only thing you going to get if you do make one a home is a circle. because that is the shape of the rubber band.

What is nuclear energy mostly used for?

To make deadly Nuclear bomb

How can you make different sounds with the rubber bands?

Stretch a rubber band at different lengths

Can you make a nuclear bomb in a dishwasher?


What materials make a nuclear bomb?