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To MAKE a PDF file, you could try Adobe Acrobat, it could create the PDF easily.

Or try third party tools like PDF Creator, it could create PDF file in second, just like converting file to PDF. While Acrobat works the different way, it could save PDF just like some word processing does.

You could edit PDF via Acrobat either, or PDF Editor.

But you'd better not make so much changes to PDF files, it is not a simple work as editing in word flowable processing environment.

Hope it help:)

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Q: How do you make a pdf file and edit it?
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How do you edit in PDF file?

Well actually, you cannot edit a PDF file.

How do you edit a PDF file?

The best way is by getting the Adobe software the makes a PDF file. You shouldn't edit it as it may be, as in most cases, copyrighted and it is illegal to do it. Though you can save a file as PDF from Microsoft Word.

How to edit and copy the text from pdf file?

If you cannot edit or copy the text of a pdf file, it seems that the pdf file is a scanned one. In that case, if you want to edit or copy it, please use some pdf ocr softwares. PDF ocr software can recognize the charactors of the file and make them into text files. PDFOCR is a famous ocr software, and you can tried it by clicking the link below. I tried the software, and it's very good.

How do you edit the text of a PDF file?

If you can't edit a PDF file's text, it might be scanned file. In that case, if you want to edit it, please use some PDF ocr softwares. PDF ocr software can recognize the charactors of the file and turn them into text files. PDFOCR is a famous, easy-to-use ocr software, and you can try it by clicking the link below.

How do you convert a pdf file into a doc file and edit it?

with adobe acrobat or nitro pdf editor or type pdf to word converter in google and you will find lot of

How do you convert pdf to pdf fillable form?

If you want to create a fillable form field in an existing pdf file, you may can a pdf editor. Or if you have acobat x/pro, you can turn to it. If you want to make your existing PDF file editaable you could still use PDF Editor. With it you can edit the pdf directly.

Where can one find information on how to edit a pdf file?

There are a number of sites that have information about how to edit a PDF file. One can find this information available on sites such as wikiHow, Computer Hope and Labnol.

How do you make a jpg file to a pdf file?

You can use pdf writter.

What can you do to edit the PDF file?

Nowadays you can do it online 24x7 without using any software. You can do it instantly by uploading PDF and downloading its editable version for you to make changes.

What Adobe software allows you read and edit a PDF file?

Adobe Acrobat

How do you edit a pdf to make changes to it?

You can use Acrobat Pro or PDF-XChange.

How can you change word file in pdf format?

U just need a pdf editorPDF Editor lets you edit PDF files quickly and easily

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