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How do you make a popular girl to like you as more than a friend if you're a nerd for 6 grade?


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you make yourself a little more kool but act the smae around her and get her to be your friend then ask her out _________________________ coming from a girl: I don't think the answer above would work very well. Don't try to be someone other than yourself to be cool. I you're a nerd, that's who you are. There's nothing wrong with that. If you turn yourself into a phony and your crush likes you, that's not good. It means that she likes the guy you're not. If anything, be yourself. Try giving her compliments once you have gooton to know her a little better. See the little changes, and appreciate them. Like if she gets new nail polish or something. We girls like guys that actually try to understand and appreciate who we are. Good luck. ;)