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How do you make a sandwich?


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First, you take two slices of bread. Put one aside, and place the other on a plate. Next, you put mayonnaise or miracle whip on the sandwich and use a butter knife to spread it out over the piece of bread. Then you take a kind of meat of your choice and put it on top of the mayonnaise/miracle whip. Put some vegetables on top next, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, or lettuce. Next, you take any other condiment and put it on top of the sandwich. Finally, take the second piece of bread (the one you put aside earlier) and put it on top.

Congratulations, you've just made a sandwich! Now go and enjoy it!



Two pieces of bread;


Meat (of your preference, for example chicken or pork);

Vegetables (of your preference, for example cucumber, tomatoes, or lettuce);

Basically, you can put whatever you want in between those two slices of bread. Try to vary often, who knows what great flavors you might discover!

Note: sometimes, it sometimes greatly adds to the flavor and bite if you toast the pieces of bread shortly before making your sandwich.


The way I make my sandwich (you can change ingredients):

Take two slices of bread

Spread one slice with mashed avocado

Then put lettuce, sliced tomatoes and onions on top of the avocado

Add any kind of meat or fish you like (or just leave it vegetarian)

On the other slice, spread mayonnaise and place a piece of cheese on it

Put the two sides together and you've got a sandwich.


Two slices of bread, buttered, with a filling of your choice between the two is the traditional method of making a sandwich.


My last sandwich was comprised of buttering two slices of wholemeal bread on for the top, one for the bottom; the bottom butter side up, the top butter side down.

Between these slices I added some wiltshire ham and taw valley cheddar, sliced the whole thing from corner to corner and enjoyed with a half glass of grenaché.