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Hey Bro How I make Deathrun Server Please Tell Me How I Make Dr Serevr

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How do you make TF2 run fast?

'throw it on the floor.'

Do you need steam to run tf2?

Yes, steam is required to run TF2, at least on PC.

How do you change servers in TF2?

Find the server you want in the server list, and click the connect button in the corner. You will automatically disconnect from the current server and join the new server.

Is there a server on TF2 that lets you find more quickly?

No there are no servers that can make items drop more frequently, but you can always use an idle server to get items without actually having to play for hours at a time.

How do you lower ping on tf2?

Ping is the delay from you to the server. If you experience a high ping, try to join another server closer to your location.

How can you get your Team Fortress 2 to work?

Well guys the problem is that Tf2 has problems with windows vista and sometimes it says "Tf2 doesn't have permission to run" That means that tf2 doesnt a a permission to run on vista but the problem will be fixed soon by <---Valve Software Mod

If valve catches you idling on tf2 in an ingame server will they delete your items?

No, they will not. Only in the event of out-game idling would they do that.

Why doesn't my TF2 spray doesn't work?

You must make sure your spray is in .vtf format, .png will also work. Ensure you uploaded it correctly. If the spray your trying to upload STILL doesn't work try a different one. [EDIT GIFS ALSO WORK] Sprays also need to be allowed on the server you are playing on. my tf2 spray wont spray and my tf2 wont start up

How do you limit classes in teams when making a map on source sdk on tf2?

Classes aren't limited by the map, they are limited by the server.

Is tf2 good?

Yes. TF2 is a GREAT game, and I recommend you "buy" it. TF2 is now free to Play.

How do you make Team Fortress 2 run faster?

Several things.Close all web browsers before starting TF2Make sure your graphics driver is up to date (that's the software that handles your graphics card, you can go to the manufacturer of your graphics card's website for a free download)Close as many programs as you can before starting TF2TF2 will also run slower if you have any viruses/spyware/scumware on your computer.Get your registry as clean as possible with a registry cleaner.You might want to use steam to defragment the game cache if you're using a PC or MAC (right click TF2->properties->local files->defragment game cache.While you're there, you may as well click "verify integrity of game cache".Choose a server with a low ping.These are easy things you can do at your computer to increase speed. You can also upgrade your computer and internet plan but that costs money.

Can you trade tf2 beta weps onto tf2 normal?

No you cannot trade weapons for beta tf2 to normal tf2. Beta Tf2 is considered to be a completely different game by steam. Therefore the two game's inventories are not compatible.

Is tf2 a bad game?

No,TF2 is one of the best games ever

What is the Heavy's name in TF2?

The heavy's name in TF2 is Dimitri Stanlevkov.

What is IDLE in tf2?

Being idle in a Team Fortress 2 server means that you are not moving. There are tons of servers dedicated to being idle. These servers are called achievement_idle

Which one is better mw3 or tf2?

mw3 is awesome very awesome for awesome people and this stupid tf2, the gun suck, everything in tf2 is suckish. play mw3, mw3 is the best and tf2 are for noobs and losers

Why can't my computer play TF2 I have the requirements?

Make sure you have all drivers updated.

What does the soldiers stash and the batters helm make on tf2?

Crafting it would be randomize. You can get any hat.

How do you get more metal in Tf2?

You get metal in TF2 either by trading or by crafting down the weapons you find

What are all the scripts to TF2 Meet the Classes?

you can find the transcripts from the "Meet The..." series on the tf2 wiki.

How do you get the bombinomicon in tf2?

The Bombinomicon is a badge that makes the player explore upon death. It was added in the Halloween update in 2011, but was removed shortly afterwards.

What font is used in the Team Fortress 2 logo?

It is a custom font called "TF2." It also has the TF2 Medic and TF2 Build. Look on your tf/resource folder in Steam to get the fonts inside.

Can you craft the sydney sleeper in tf2?

Yes you can. Craft 1 reclaimed metal and 1 Huntsman to make it.

Why can't my computer play TF2?

Check if your graphics card is good enough to run the game, if not check the download help for more help.

What laptops support Team Fortress 2?

Any laptop will support TF2 as long as the computer can run it. You can find the requirements in the related link.

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