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Q: How do you make a title belt with GIMP?
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Do the Gimp Tutorials download when the GIMP program downloads?

From what I can make of it, the Gimp Turtorials do no download with the GIMP program, but instead they prompt you to visit the website. In this tutorial it will teach you how to use the product.

What is Rocky Balboas title belt?

It is a Replica of the Ring Magazine Title Belt. The only difference between The Rocky Belt and The Ring Belt is that the Rocky title contains the circle around whereas the Ring title does not.

How do you get a title belt for a custom superstar on WWE 2012?

If you are talking about universe mode make sure the superstar is on raw or smackdown then either create a title match for him or go to the superstars card thing and go to his title settings and you can just place a title belt on him.

How do you make animals out of gimp?

You find out!

How do you make a mattel WWE title toy belt spin?

Just spin the w

How do you make a howrse layout using GIMP?

First you go to Gimp. You go to file and you press New. Yout make the size how ever you like. Then, you can put a picture on Gimp and use the text bow to type.

How can you make Piczo layouts on GIMP?

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How do you make lizards and frogs with the GIMP?

It's an extrememly difficult process if you want to make it from scratch. It'd be easiest just to Open a picture in GIMP

Can you make madden covers with the gimp program?


How do you make color splash on a computer?

How do you make gimp animals?

Which do u mean the softwere or the strings?

How do you make gimp look like Photoshop?

google gimpshop