How do you make a visible psi-ball?

I just got a sudden visualization of my psi ball that was really real and the energy between my hands jumped from lets say 80% to 130% and at that I packed it together (once again I wasn't thinking of making it visible) and made it into a nice uniform ball and (weird sound effect) then it appeared! Looked like some lines moving back and forth although I could only see a quarter of the ball. Trust me, you can do it..


You can create your "lines" by holding your hands about 6 inches apart and then focusing on a point in between them. You can do it in about 5 seconds.


What you do to make the ball appear is cup your hands, (you must be calm) and think of yourself as an energy faucet and let the energy drain from you to your hands and try to picture a psi ball forming in your hands. Don't worry if it doens't happen at first, it may take 5-15 minutes, so keep trying. You CAN do it.

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