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How do you make an enter page on your piczo site?

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βˆ™ 2007-02-14 11:11:29

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You go to add page, title it enter page, then go to your organizer and it should say make this page enter page. Then click that at you are done !!!!! enter no idea

2007-02-14 11:11:29
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Q: How do you make an enter page on your piczo site?
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What is a good welcome on your piczo enter page?

"Welcome To My Piczo Site, I Hope You Enjoy It!" From Stevie @ "Welcome To My Piczo Site, I Hope You Enjoy It!" From Stevie @

How do you add enter pages on piczo?

To add enter pages on piczo, you sign into piczo and Then click on the tab that says "My Site". Then the hompage of your site should appear. Click on "ORGANIZER" under the "My Site" tab and you will come to a page that shows a list of all your pages. Scroll all the way to the end of the list and you will find a link that says add. Click on that and make a page called "Enter Page". Leave the Privacy and type of page as is. After you add the page,you will be taken to that page editor (where you will make the enter page ). Click on the "ORGANIZER" tab again ( below the "My Site" tab ). After this, again scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will find the "Enter Page". Click on "Organizer" to the right of "Enter Page". It will then say on the left of the page on the 4th sentence. It will say "Add | Enter page" . Click on Add and when the window opens up select "Make this page the enter page".

How do you make a page?

If you mean by on piczo, then you go to the place on your home page saying stuff like about me and my photos. Now look to the bottom of it, and it will say something like add new page. Well, click on that! My piczo site is called random my stuff

How do you make a piczo site?

Don't even go on go straight to that is the best piczo site!

What is a hit on Piczo?

Hit on Piczo is how many times your Piczo page was viewed, for example how many times each visitor viewed your pages. and "visits" on Piczo is how many different visitor has your site :)

Does Hilary Duff have a piczo site?

The answer is YES. Hilary told people magazine recently that is her piczo site. Piczo also let piczo know that it is her.

How do you delete people off your friends list on a piczo site?

On your Piczo site you can delete a friends link under 'your friend's sites' using these steps: first, Log in Secondly, make sure your on page editor by clicking on it at the top. Thirdly, click 'member hub' at the top of the page. Fourthly, click on 'my friends', under the title 'My Piczo Friends' Finally, click remove next to the site you no longer want connected to yours. hope u find this useful, Georgie, 14

How do you make Piczo site under construction?

first log into piczo, then click on "organize", now on your site it says the world password protected, blah xD click it to private, then type in your piczo password then it should be under construction! xD

On your piczo site how do you make a link with a pic?

You put a pic on your site and the click on the edit button . click on the textbox with 'hyperlink' above it and type in what page you want the pic to go to when clicked (ex.

How can you put an MP3 on a Piczo website?

If you go to the Piczo site click on piczo pros. It will give you a list of helping piczo sites where you wil find out.

Can you change a page name on piczo?

When you are on your website you will see a buton that says ' organize ' click on it and you will see it says edit name , click on that and change your name ! easy !Please go to my piczo site ,

How do you make your own layout to put on your piczo site?

I don't know!!! If i did i wouldn't be asking it.

Does Ashley Tisdale have a piczo site?

Ashley Tisdale does not have piczo, but there are many convincing posers out there.

How do you link pages on your piczo site?

when you go on " add text " you type in what Eva you need to type in then near the bottom you type in the site you want to link ur page to !!!

How do you make a site your home page?

Go to internet options or options, depending on what browser you use, and enter whatever site you want to be your homepage

How do you get a chat box on a Piczo site?

here you can get a chat box for piczo from here

Is piczo free?

Yes its free and its improving all the time! PICZO ZONE is great you get loads of stuff from your site WORLDS BEST SITE

How can you delete your piczo site on the new piczo?

i found that you can't so i randomly changed my password so out of site out of mind and they might delete it after

How do you find other people site on piczo?

You cannot search for people on piczo. Not a bad idea, actually, as this provides a lot of safety for kids on piczo.

Anything else that you can do for my piczo site?

Piczo has unlimited things you can do! My friends site is when you start using html, you can't stop!!! if you experiment, you can have a really good site!!!

Do you chat in piczo?

You can send messages to your friends on piczo. You can have a chatroom on your site, on CBOX, but that is not provided by piczo. Yoou can have guestbooks, shoutout boxes and comment boards! Piczo is a very safe, and you can have your privacy how you like it!

Does you piczo site have to be piczocom?


What is a piczo site?

Answer A Piczo site is ...Piczo is an online photo website builder and community, where people can sign up for free to make their own advertising-supported websites.Definition is from the siteDon't know about advertising supported? The adverts support Piczo and are really annoying because you need to have Ultimate Rainbow Badge to get rid of your ads.It's safe for kids if they don't put on any personal details, but there is a 13 age limit. (I had one at 11 and I'm still here.)visit:

How do you put layouts on your piczo site?

you get the code copy it then go on text on piczo and paste it then press ok and it should come up

Whats the best piczo website?

The best site has to be one called great layout all used from piczo stuff.