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Talk about topics that the guy is interested in, example: sports, politics, his hobbies etc. Be considerate and show a genuine interest in him by eye contact. An older man is usually more cautious in his behaviour, so don't suggest dangerous activities for dates.

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Q: How do you make an older guy like you?
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Make a older guy like you?

it matters how old are you and he is..can you please say your age?

What if you like an older guy?

it depends how old is the guy.

How do you get an older guy to like you?

Put out

What do you do if you like an older guy?

It depends on how old YOU are

How do you get a guy that is older but you have known him for years?

make sure that hes not married but if you like married guys like i do just tell him you like him and see what he says.

Does an older guy like you?

They can i like this guy and my friend (who's best friends with him) told me this guy did and there's 3 year gap

How do you get a older guy to ask you out?

most older guys are into the big brest and bootys, so show off some of your goodies to him. show the older guy you can make his head spin!!!

How can you get an older teenage guy to fall BACK in love with you?

Make sure he doesn't like anyone else and be nice to him and undress him

Is it weird to like a guy older than you?

No. It is perfectly normal.

Is it weird for a girl to like a guy a year older than her?


How do get a guy to like you that is older than you?

Wipe crud on his face.

What does it mean if you like a guy that's 3 years older than you?

Nothing really. It just means you like older men.

Im 12 how do you make a guy get a erection?

Wait till your older

Is it werid to like an older guy?

It's not weird to like an older guy but by taking it further it could lead to major consequences. Relationships between young girls and older guys are illegal in some countries and should be approached cautiously.

Is it weird if the guy i like is shorter than me but older?

No, you are OK to be attracted to whoever you like.

Is it okay to like a guy 4 years older than you?


What do you say to a older guy you like?

This is what ya say, youngen. I LOVE YOU!

Who do you get a guy to like you?

You can't make a guy like you or want to be with you. He will or he won't.

This boy he like like you like at but he is 16yaerold?

Well, If you like a guy and he is older than you, you should not give up.

How do you tell a guy you like him if hes two years oldr than you?

If a guy is two or 3 years older than you, you tell him you like him by saying, "I like you."

How do you make your guy older on club penguin?

call 8685308 and ill tell you!

How do you make a guy you like like you?

There is no way to make a guy like you by force. He eather likes you or doesnt, that is the bottom line.

Is it bad to like a guy waaayyyy older than you?

no its fine who you like it doesnt matter how old they are

How do you win over an older guy?

Well there is this older guy and i really like him, and we used to hang out but now he is having second thoughts because of the age thing, how can i win him over

Is dating an older guy bad?

No, it's very usual that the guy is older.