How do you make bubble tea?

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December 04, 2008 12:29AM

* crushed ice

* juice

* a blender

* tapioca pearls

* jellies

* a spoon or very fat straw

* cup

1. Buy juice (any flavor) and a blender if you don't have one. Get ice too.

2. Go to an Asian market (most likely to have the items needed) nearby and buy tapioca pearls and lychee (you can ask the salesperson first to see if they have it).

3. Combine the ice and juice in the blender until smooth.

4. Follow the instructions on the package for the 'boba'. Usually it says something about boiling them. You may also want to skin and chop the lychee. Chop the lychee up into either squares or rectangles.

5. Put the boba in the cup along with the lychee squares/rectangles. Stir them together. Add the juice with ice blended in and voilà! You have a bubble tea! Now that you are done, you may enjoy using a spoon or fat straw. ---- Here is my simplified version of the regular bubble tea.

1. Get some milk tea or just add milk to some tea. (You may add some cream if you wish.)

2. Boil the boba (tapioca pearls) in water until they are soft on the outside and not very hard on the inside. Don't cook it for too long or they may become too hard and same thing if you put them in the fridge after you cook them.

3. Place the boba in your milk tea.

4. If you like the drink cold, add some ice to your tea too.

5. Drink with a straw or spoon.

The amounts of milk, cream, boba, and ice will be for you to decide so you can perfect your drink to your liking.