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Freeze it, it stays on a hook better

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Q: How do you make chicken liver tough?
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They say It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken Who is the tough man in question?

Frank Perdue

What lives in the beach?

chicken liver chicken liver crab

What is the duration of Tough Guy or Chicken?

The duration of Tough Guy or Chicken? is 3600.0 seconds.

What happens if you eat chicken liver with sinew?

Chicken liver and sinew are perfectly edible. Chicken liver is a delicacy. The sinew may be a little chewy, but harmless.

Is chicken liver good for children?

Yes, properly cooked chicken liver is very healthy food for children. Liver from organically raised chicken is particularly good.

How many calories is in chopped chicken liver?

There are about 49 calories in 1oz of chicken liver.

Is eating chicken liver bad for you?

Chicken liver is not enjoyed by many people, but it is not bad for you either. It is actually a very high source of vitamins and minerals.

Is chicken tough because its overcooked or undercooked?

Chicken is tough when it is overcooked, not undercooked. It may also be chewy. Undercooked chicken tends to be rather spongy.

Why soak chicken liver prior to making a pate?

Soaking chicken liver in milk before making pate is said to remove the impurities as well as the bitterness. Soaking them also is believed to make them easier to work with.

Is Chicken Liver good for Diabetics?

Chicken liver is good for diabetics. It is the breading on the fried livers that you have to be careful of. Chicken liver, high in Vitamin K, helps promote blood clotting and wound healing.

Which has more iron content - beef liver or chicken liver?

Beef liver has more iron

How do you describe chicken liver?