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two pieces of french toast with egg and sausage in the middle and there's french toast sandwich

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2013-01-25 16:12:45
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Q: How do you make french toast sandwich?
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What do you get when you cross a calculator and french toast?

A delicious calculator french toast sandwich

How do you say grilled sandwich in french?

The word for grilled in french is grillé. Pain grillé is toast. Un sandwich grillé would be a grilled sandwich.

What can i cook with eggs and bread?

french toast scrambled eggs on toast poached eggs on toast toasted egg sandwich

How do you make grill sandwich?

You would make your sandwich how you want it and toast it on both sides in a hot skillet in a little melted butter.

Which is better eggs or french toast?

french toast

Is French toast made with eggs?

Yes, toast is typically dipped in an egg mixture and then pan-fried to make French toast.

Do you need eggs to make french toast?

yes.otherwise it would just be toast

What did fourth Earl of Sandwich make?

a sandwich! he gambled for 24 hours and only ate meat between toast the whole time. they named this after his estate- sandwich. not his name.

What is made out of bread?

A sandwich or toast.

Is French toast actually French?

French toast actually did originate in France, the French peasants used leftover baguettes to make it. Of course, it's been Americanized, so the French toast you're used to probably isn't the same as the original French toast.

Can you make french toast with milk?


Is it as easy to make baked French toast, as it is to make regular French toast?

Yes the two recipes are actually very similar and are both widely available on the internet. The french toast recipe is available on many websites such as and the baked french toast recipe is available on .

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