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There are certain types of mosquito killers made from plants. The Guaynabo mosquito killer is made from extracts of the guya plant.

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Q: How do you make guyabano mosquito killer?
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What are the plants use as mosquito killer?

Lanzones, Guyabano are examples of Mosquito killer plants

Who studied guyabano as mosquito repellent?

Adriel arlan is the name

Why are mosquito important?

mosquito is a deadly killer in some countries.

Does mosquito killer eats mosquito?

No mosquitoes aren't eaten by mosquito killers they are just killed by them.

Is mosquito killer a mosquito?

Sometimes. A mosquito killer may be a larger mosquito who kills smaller ones, or otherwise could be another bug, bird, ect. that just finds mosquitos tasty.

Ingredients in ipil-ipil leaves to make it in mosquito killer?

ingredients used in making a mosquito repellent made of ipil ipil leaves

How do you make mosquito killer using guava leaves?

Guava leaves can be used to make an effective mosquito repellent. The liquid inside of the leaves can be extracted and put into a solution as a repellent.

How electric mosquito killer lamp works?

Insect are killed when they are tired flying or takes a pee and lands on the mosquito killer lamp.

What is guyabano called in bengali?

sing and make something

Will drinking mosquito killer cause death?

Mosquito killer is poisonous. While you do not specify a specific bug killer, it is a poison and can kill a human if used in any manner that it is not intended for.

What is a guyabano?

guyabano is the fruit which is used for cancer

How is the lanzones peelings made a mosquito killer?


What is guyabano leaves?

guyabano leaves is color dark green

Is lanzones peel a good mosquito killer?

The lanzones peelings has this smell that irritates insects specially the mosquito.

Which is the best mosquito killer machine?

Aero system is the best mosquito killer machine.In this summer season everyone is already getting to much irritated due to the increased heat .mosquito killer machine for farm house is really machine is technologically best advanced system.

What is the scientific name of guyabano?

Annona muricata is the scientific name of guyabano.

What should be the statement of the problem of kakawate leaves extract as mosquito killer?

Kakawate leaves have an active ingredient that can be used as a mosquito killer. The chemical attracts mosquitoes but then kills them after some exposure.

Why is Guyabano a monocot?

It is not. Guyabano or soursop is a broad-leaved tree and thus a dicot.

Is there any investigatory project that uses lanzones as a mosquito killer?


How many humans does the mosquito kill?

none. malaria, which is what they carry, is the killer

What is guyabano in Arabic?

Don't you mean Ji abuna It means Our dad has come

Is a mosquito a?

Sometimes. A mosquito killer may be a larger mosquito who kills smaller ones, or otherwise could be another bug, bird, ect. that just finds mosquitos tasty.

Active components of mosquito killers?

The active components of a mosquito killer depends on the type. Mosquito coils for instance contain pyrethrum, while sprays contain a pyrethrum and Permethrin combination.

What is the English of guyabano?


What is soursop in tagalog?