How do you make material not flammable?

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What materials are needed to make an electromagnet?

-- a DC power supply; (e.g., battery) -- a long conductor that can be arranged to take the current several turns around a central axis; (e.g., wire) -- a highly permeable core for the winding; (e.g., cylindrical clump of iron)

What materials are used to make a shabti?

Answer . The Shabti figures which were placed in Egyptian tombs to do the work of the dead, were made from various materials, including wax, clay, wood,stone, terracotta and rarely bronze or glass, but the most common material wasfaience. According to Paul Nicholson in "Ancient Egyptian Materi ( Full Answer )

How would you define a 'flammable material'?

Flammable means capable of being readily or easily ignited. Flammable LIQUIDS are defined as those that give off ignitable vapors at temperatures of less than 100 degrees F. Gasoline would be an example of a flammable liquid- but diesel fuel must be warmer than 100 degrees F to give off ignitable va ( Full Answer )

What is Flammable?

Flammability is defined at how easily something will burn or ignite, causing fire or combustion. The degree of difficulty required to cause the combustion of a substance is subject to quantification through fire testing. Internationally, a variety of test protocols exist to quantify flammability. T ( Full Answer )

What materials are needed to make money?

The specific formula for making United States currency is kept secret. Paper currency is 25 percent linen, and 75 percent cotton. Nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars are manufactured by the United States mint- with the use of metals.

What materials are used to make the trumpet?

Approximately 7. There is 3 forms of brass in it, stainless steel (for nuts and bolts), cork (for the water key), The top of the valves are pearl, and a bit of tin is mixed with the brass, to make it a bit lighter.

What materials are used to make catapults?

3 pieces of wood 12 inches long * 8 pieces of wood 6 inches long ( two of these pieces have the ends cut at 45 degree angles - I will explain more about these. * An assortment of small screws and/or nails * 1 large rubber band or several smaller ones * 2 eye hooks (to the right of the rubber ( Full Answer )

What materials are flammable?

what is a flashpoint The temperature at which a substance gives off an ignitable vaporis the flash point. If the flash point is under 100 degrees F, itis a flammable (gasoline). If it is over 100, it is a combustible(diesel fuel). Flash point is NOT the ignition temperature.

What is the difference between flammable and combustible material?

A flammable material has a lower flash point (100F or below) while a combustible material has a flash point of 100F or HIGHER. In other words, it's a lot easier for a flammable material to catch fire than a combustible one because of the minimal amount of energy (heat) required to get it going versu ( Full Answer )

What makes hydrogen gas flammable?

hydrogen is an unstable gas so therefore it is not stabled enough too protect itself from not catching fire. . hydrogen is an unstable gas so therefore it is not stabled enough too protect itself from not catching fire.

What chemical in alcohol makes it so flammable?

By alcohol I assume you mean an alcoholic drink. Ethanol is the chemical that burns in such drinks, unless you're drinking moonshine in which case there may be some methanol.

What makes hairspray flammable?

i was wondering what hairspray is the most flammable because i made a mini potato gun and i want it to shoot farther

What flammable materials do dragons use to breath fire?

Dragons have five lungs. The dorsal lung has become a fluid filled chamber dedicated to the storage of the flammable liquid of the true dragons (true drags, fire drags, or higher dragons). This liquid is a combination of phlegm and an assortment of heavily nitrated compounds. Sampling of this materi ( Full Answer )

What substances make an axe flammable?

The head of an ax is usually metal and not flammable. But thehandle is typically wooden, and the cellulose-lignin compoundsfound in wood and lumber are flammable unless treated.

What element must be present for a material to be flammable?

No specific element makes anything flammable, as many elements can result in fire or an explosion; many can be safe when used one way and dangerous in another. The only element necessary for a flammable object to ignite is oxygen.

What are the materials of making a terrium?

You need a glass bottle, vase or jar to hold to materials. Then youlayer gravel, activated charcoal and soil/plant medium. You thenplace either succulents, bromeliads or moss into the container atopthe soil, chacoal and gravel. Add a small amount of water and acork and viola!

What materials do you need to make earrings?

You need hooks ( they can be sterling silver, gold filled, silver filled, karat gold, stainless steel ) You need pins to put the beads You need beads ( they can be glass, crystal, wood, gemstones, acrylic, silver, gold, etc. And you need a set of jewelry pliers to start making your earrings

Materials used to make drums?

Carbon metals, spring steel, non-ferrous metals, woods, plastics, acrylics, leathers, rubber, some oils, wax, polish, paint.

What makes one organic compound more flammable than another?

The ammount of carbon and hydrogen atoms in the compound. A combustion reaction involves exposing carbon and hydrogen atoms to oxygen and heat to produce carbon dioxide and water. Thus if there are more carbon and hydrogen atoms in a compound it will tend to be more flammable . The equation for this ( Full Answer )

What are the materials to make firework colours?

Various salts are added to the mix: . Copper salts - blue . Strontium salts - red . Sodium salts - yellow . Barium salts - green . Calcium salts - orange . Cobalt salts - blue . Cryolite - yellow . Lithium salts - bright red

Material used to make a pistons?

The main inside the engine pistons are made of aluminum or in some heavy diesels steel Clutch cylinder pistons can be made of plastic Brake pistons can be made of all three

What are the materials that make up a conductor?

conductors are made up in such a way that the electricity can passthrough them easily. The materials of the conductors may be copper, gold, aluminium,gold, silver, water etc..,

What material is used to make the bullets?

they use (Lead) because it has a low melting point and easy to moldand cool. they also use it because it is light enough to be shotfarther but it also has enough weight so the wind wont affect itsaccuracy as much Lead is used only in cheap bullets. Better bullets are an alloy oflead and antimony. M ( Full Answer )

What makes radioactive material unstable?

Radioactive material is unstable because it "wants" to change the configuration of the nucleus to one that is more stable. This is a result in an inbalance of the ratio of protons vs neutrons, said ratio being different for each isotope.

What material will make a gold coin?

a gold coin is made up of Gold + Copper having copper in very limited amount. for eg, a 22 carat gold coin consists of 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of copper to make it total to 24 which is the measuring standard.

What materials are used to make a pulley?

A pulley system is made up of a pulley and a rope. A pulley is, in essence, a wheel with a groove going all the way around it so that a rope or a cable can fit in it securely. One could also run an indented track around a wheel.

Where did the Aborigines get their materials from to make their art?

Aborigines were resourceful people who extracted a variety of colours from their natural environment. They obtained red, orange, dark purple, brown and orange from grinding ochre to a powder. Ochre was found naturally in rock stained by iron, which would give it the reddish hues. Yellow w ( Full Answer )

In what hazard class is a material that is a flammable solid?

A flammable solid that is sufficiently flammable to meet the test criteria, is classified as being a Division 4.1 material. Many solids that will burn, saw dust for example, nevertheless do not meet the definition of Division 4.1.

What materials does cotton make?

Cotton is used to manufacture cotton fabrics and cotton-blend fabrics. Cotton is also used to manufacture other products made from cotton, such as gauze and feminine care products.

What conditions make materials harmful?

Conditions that make material harmful is that when it is used for harming/destroying/killing/polluting the environment and the people.

What makes potato chips flammable?

The glucose (energy) is the fuel that helps it burn. Pepper also makes chips hot and spicy. No, the vegetable oil in the chips, along with potassium makes the chip HIGHLY flammable... For example the POE TATE R CHIPS I THREW into my firepit at 1:00 am Sunday, June 03, 2012... IF you want pr ( Full Answer )

What material makes the seafloor?

\n. Away from the continental slopes, the ocean floor crust is basalt. That is generally covered by silt, though there are areas of bare rock

What materials were used to make a flipbook?

I think you can make a flipbook freely with two things needed: 1. go to free online tool Codebox 2. PDF documents The free tool will help you convert your PDF document into a flipbook freely. After that, you can download it.

What materials make up a cytoplasm?

cytoplasm is a thick, clear liquid residing between the cell membrane holding organell es.It contains nucleus ribosomes vesicle endoplasmic reticulum (ER) Golgi body cytoskeleton mitochondria vacuole cytosol lysosome centrioles within centrosome .

How does wood that is not burning differ from a non flammable material?

Cellular oxidation is part of cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is the set of the metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and then release waste products. The reactions involv ( Full Answer )

What makes old spice flammable?

After looking at the ingredients in the roll-on variety it'sbecause of the variety of organic compounds 1 within. (Almost all listed ingreients are in this category) In thespray variety it's likely because both of that and thehigh surface area 2 of the mist, perhaps thepropellants even contri ( Full Answer )

How can you make flammable powder?

Most powders can be flammable--even explosive just as they are. If you take a small amount of bread flour and blow it into a fire, it will burn. If you use a lot, if can form a fireball and possibly burn you and others. Flour mills need to be extra-cautious about keeping the flour dust to a minimu ( Full Answer )

What can make a product flammable?

A product can be deemed flammable for multiple reasons. If the material can catch flame at one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, it is classified as flammable. This applies to many liquids and aerosols.