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You could make a tea with zest (orange, lemon or other citrus peel) and cool it down to drink as a fruit flavored beverage but it wouldn't be sweet. To do more than that you would need access to the labs where they make artificial flavours and sweeteners. I would suggest drinking real fruit juice. Just drink less and drink more water. Fresh fruit is very good for you, just don't over do it. So, try squeezing homemade orange juice, having one glass and drinking water for your next three beverages.

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You can mix fruit juice with water. I use a proportion of juice to water of 1 to 3. I like the light cranberry juice and then add a squirt of lemon juice. You can do the same with Orange Juice or other juices. Other people put in berries and add water - it gives a light flavor. There are many recipes for Mexican "Aguas de Frutas" online, but they do include adding sugar or other sweeteners.

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Q: How do you make noncaloric sweetened fruit water?
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