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Q: How do you make questions out of flowery words?
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Give some example of flowery language?

Flowery language is often like poetry. There will often be a lot of words that are not necessary but make it sound pretty.

Is flowery a verb?

Flowery is an Adjective.

DEFINE flowery language?

Avoid the unnecessary use of pseudo poetic diction. So, write Jane Doe was unable to finish reading the book. Unfortunately, she died before getting to the end. Avoid things like Alas! Death tore the book from her hands and closed her eyes for ever.

Where can you get Wendy's costume?

You can always make one easily by getting a blue flowery dress, a bell blue flowery pants, and buying a red wig.

What is the adjective in this sentence - the soap smells flowery?


What is the noun of the flowery?

The noun form for the adjective flowery is floweriness.

What is the population of Flowery Field?

The population of Flowery Field is 3,000.

What smell does a periwinkle flower have?

A flowery one.

What is the duration of Flowery Hood?

The duration of Flowery Hood is 1.4 hours.

What is the duration of Flowery Brothers?

The duration of Flowery Brothers is 1.23 hours.

When was Flowery Hood created?

Flowery Hood was created on 1956-07-25.

When was Flowery Brothers created?

Flowery Brothers was created on 2009-01-25.