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Well, you make special breakfast rice by taking cooked eggs, bacon, onions, and rice and mixing them togiether in a frying pan................ then you have breakfast fried rice.......................

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theres a recipe at

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What is a simple Japanese dish that can be made at home?

egg and rice or special fried rice

What does gen tanner love?

bluewaffle with special fried rice

What can you make out of rice?

egg fried rice, curry ,chicken ,curry ,vinaloo and rice

Is there gluton in rice?

in plain rice, no gluten is contained. But in things like chicken fried rice, there is, as it is included in the soya sauce used to make chicken fried rice.

How should you prepare rice to make fried rice?

boil or steam first

What is the origin of egg fried rice?

Egg fried rice is Chinese of course. Special fried rice is a western adaption of this. Chinese people DO NOT eat peas in there rice. Fried rice is a Chinese custom, similar to western, of re heating leftovers. Its a case of getting last nights dinner, including left over rice and frying them together in a Wok. Although typically these days, even Chinese will make it up special, and not from leftovers. Its as simple as some diced spring onion with beaten egg, stir in a hot wok, then add cold cooked rice, soy sauce to suit, nothing else, just serve.

What Chinese foods have rice in them?

Stream fried rice, stir fried rice and rice wine.

Which has the most calories steamed rice or fried rice?

There are more calories in fried rice.

Is there fried rice in pho hung?

Yes there is if you ask the chef or boss to cook it special

Is fried rice a mixture or a solution?


What are some special things about fried rice with eggs?

it is so good, of course for me, because I am Chinise

How do you say fried rice in Spanish?

Fried Rice in Spanish is Arroz Frito

Where is egg fried rice from?

Egg fried rice is traditionally a Chinese dish.

What are some dishes that are fried?

fried rice

What is fried rice?

Fried rice is a food you can buy at a Chinese restaurant or at a regular restaurant.

How many carbohydrates in fried rice?

1 oz fried rice = 8.8g carbs.

How do you make chicken rice more healthier?

you use brown rice. dont have fried chicken and serve with salad

In 2007 what was the total world rice production?

The approximate total of rice in 2007 in 29 million tonnes. How much fried rice can you make with that!

What do you call burned rice?

Fried Rice

Can you recook rice?

Of course. That is what fried rice is.

What chemicals are in fried rice?

no chemical in rice

How long can fried rice stay in the refrigerator?

Fried rice can stay in the refrigerator for about 3 days.

Why was fried rice invented?

Fried rice is made from cold rice that has already been cooked by boiling. The use of leftover rice and other leftover ingredients is common when cooked at home. Maybe not to waste rice left overs so they invented fried rice

Does Hindu have special foods?

There is Hindu Nan, Hindu Cheese Dessert, Hindu Fried Rice, and Hindu Relish.

What are eukaryotes autotrophs prokaryotes heterotrophs and unicellular?

Penis and vagina Yo mama And special fried rice CLAMIDYA