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I have two mice, and to make sure that they get a varitey of all food types I give them nutriphase gold from the pet store, and give them lettuce, carrots, and apples to make sure they get their vitamins. It is import when feeding them carrots apples, and other big pieces of food to make sure that before placing the items in the cage, you cut them into small pieces, to make sure that your mice don't choke.

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What vegetables or fruits make your hair grow?

Green Veggies,Beans,Carrots,Whole Grains,Salmon and Oranges.

What is another term for produce?

Do you mean "produce" as in "to make" or "produce" as in fruits and vegetables? Produce as in "to make": Make, form, create. Produce as in fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables...can't think of anything else...

Do fruits and vegetables have sugar in them?

yes, fruits and vegetables do have sugar but it is a natural sugar which will not make you but on weight!

What are Virginia's natural resources?

it is fertile soil which grows tobacco, grains, fruits, and vegetables. The state also has minerals, lumber to make things and fisheries to fish.

Which category of food in the food pyramid should you eat most often?

In 2011 the USDA changed the Food Pyramid to a food plate called MyPlate. The plate features four sections: fruits, grains, protein and vegetables, with vegetables and grains being the largest of the four. The plate also features a side of dairy. Because vegetables and grains make up the largest sections, those are the food groups that should make up the majority of your diet.

Does mayonnaise make you hair?

no not at all fruits and vegetables do

Why fruits and vegetables are advisable?

fruits and vegetables are helpful because they make the white cells stronger to defeat the viruses from making body weak.

What type of plants give us the food we eat?

The types of plants that give us the food we eat are called fruits, vegetables and grains. These all make up the food we eat.

How do you make a model on fruits and vegetables?

By using any material

What are some vegetarian diet plans?

A healthy vegetarian diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and low fat dairy products. If you do not eat meat, make sure that you are getting your protein with beans, nuts, and whole grains.

What does a dwarf mouse eat?

A dwarf mouse eats wholesome blends of grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Make sure they are dried and clean the bowl every time you switch the food.

What does Celts eat and drink?

they ate vegetables,berries and grains to make bread

What must you eat a variety of to keep you healthy?

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. Start off by eating a bowl of cereal, then for lunch have a salad, for dinner eat some pasta like pizza. Make sure you get plenty of excercise and try to not go out to any fast food or sit-in restaurants.

What is the vegetation of Santiago Chile?

fruits, vegetables, and things that you can make love with.

What are the fruits and vegetables that may make your urine turn red?


How did virginia make money in the 1600s?

Selling fruits, vegetables and tobacco

What is a cold dish made from raw fruits and vegetables?

umm.. a dish made of uncooked fruits and vegetables, maybe sliced or chopped to make a nice looking dish.

What is the best way to do a juice cleanse?

Make sure that your juice cleanse contains at least 20 different fruits and vegetables to get a good variety going. A good product that does this is Greens First.

What do hamsters eat besides fruits and vegetable?

nothing else that's all they are allowed to eat, fruits and vegetables. make sure you feed them the vegetables or fruit they like ;D

What vegetables or fruits make good chemical indicators?

tomato's red cabbage

Is it expensive to be Vegan?

Like any "diet" you can eat on a budget or splurge. It depends on your shopping habits and cooking skills/preferences. It CAN be expensive if you want to just "substitute" everything an omnivore might eat with store made vegan alternatives. Those are pricey. On your own, fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains are not as expensive as buying meat, milk, eggs, etc. Shop for what fruits/vegetables are in season. Buy your grains in bulk. Make your own "veggie burgers" or other alternatives.

What vegetables are grown in France?

well France grow a lot of vegetables and fruits......some fruits are grapes and apples they actually make their organic apple juice and organic grape juice out of them:)

What is the nature of most fruits and vegetables?

Most of the Fruits and Vegetables contain High amount of fiber which helps in digesting food quickly and make our body organs to receive the nutrients consumed by us. They also contain many Vital nutrients which improves our glamour. So Make sure that your everyday diet contains Fruits and Vegetables. Bye.......

Can parakeets eat leaves?

no but it is best to get lettuce from the superstore and make sure to balance your bird's meal with lots of seeds, water, grains, fruits and vegetables, dont give them a lot of meat since they eat small insects in the wild

what type of diet plan can I make for a person with diabetes?

The best diet plan for a person with diabetes is food that help control blood sugar levels. Look for foods such as nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains.