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Simple sell the Flute.

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You cannot get the Yellow Flute in Pokemon Platinum. The only Flutes that are obtainable in Pokemon Platinum are the White and Black Flutes.

Is Arceus. To catch it, you got to get an azure flute

The white flute I think attracts Pokemon. Later in the game you can also receive a black flute. The black flute on the other hand repels Pokemon.

You get the black flute when you reach the smashed wall and Looker gives you it.

The only way to catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum is by using the Azure Flute or cheating. The Azure Flute is an event item that sadly was never distributed. This means the only way to catch Arceus is by cheating.

you need to have an azure flute and then how to spear pillar

Yes, you can get the azure flute in Pokemon platinum.

Giritina unless you get the azure flute event and catch arceus

if you have the azure flute but dont have him you could go to spear pillar and catch arceus

You can't. It was only available in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

?>>go to the spear pillar and play it in front of the steps to find arcesusNO, the AZURE flute is used to locate arcesus. the BLACK flute decreases the encounter rate for wild pokemon.

where to find a azure flute without action replay and cheating in pokemon platinum

you will need the azure flute at the spear pilar, at the peak of mount coronet

You need to get the azure flute by wi fi event

You have to transfer the azure flute using ar cheats and boo you got it into Pokemon platinum

if you have a black flute it can repel Pokemon instead of buying repels keep using the black flute over 4 times hope this saves you money

There is no event where you can catch Arceus, you just interact him in the Hall of Origin, but you need to blow on the Azure Flute

as long as you haven't beat it yet and you have the azure flute, you can.

None really, but at Mt. Coronet he gives you a azure black flute.

You cannot get the Azure Flute in Black 2 and White 2. Azure Flute is an item that is exclusive to the games of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

go threw the place and find him at the last part same with arceus but need arzura flute

No, the Black Flute has a Repel-like effect. The item that can call Arceus is the Azure Flute. It is an event item that has not been distributed yet, so it can only be obtained by cheating.

No, it is only available in the older Pokemon.

well there is a code. I only got it for Pokemon platinum